Brandon Roy Has Been Told By Doctors To Retire, Again

  • Mark Evans

Brandon Roy has yet to make much of an impact for his new team.

It’s always sad to see athletes struggle with injuries that interfere with becoming as good as they can be. There is no better example to this than Brandon Roy. While on the Blazers, Roy was an absolute force, and getting better by the day. It was only a few years ago that Brandon Roy was averaging 23 points, 5 rebounds, and 5 assists for Portland.

Now, he can’t stay on the court.

This offseason, Roy announced that he would attempt a comeback to the NBA. The Timberwolves, needing depth on the wing, took a gamble. He only played 5 games this season until requiring yet another knee surgery. His knees are so bad that he has been told by multiple doctors to retire for good, according to Oregon Live:

Not just one doctor, but multiple doctors have told Roy that he should stop playing basketball. His knees are getting worse by the day. By now, at 28, he has had so many surgeries, so many treatments and seen so many doctors, he sounds like a specialist. He explains that he has degenerative arthritis, which erodes and eventually eliminates cartilage, with the same precision and ease that came to define his run of three consecutive All-Star appearances. And with the calm that made him one of the game’s best finishers, he explains that his knees have reached Level III arthritis. There are only four stages.

“Level IV,” Roy says fearlessly, “is when you get a knee replacement.”

This is something that nobody wants to hear. Brandon Roy had such a bright future not too long ago, and now he is walking the line of risking his long-term well-being. It’s tough to see someone so passionate and so good at what they do be forced out of the game by a health problem. Roy’s story is what helps me have zero sympathy toward Andrew Bynum, someone who has injury issues, but then decides to go bowling on a bad knee.

Hopefully Roy can get the whole thing straightened out and finish the game on his own terms, whenever that might be.

-Mark Evans, Assistant Manager/Editor of Content

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3 Responses to Brandon Roy Has Been Told By Doctors To Retire, Again

  • Damn… I feel bad for Roy… He’s a model citizen, a class act of the NBA… It’s a damn shame to see his career end like this… And I was cheering him on to come back and make an impact on the Timberwolves… And now this…

  • A guy like Greg Oden or stud minor league pitchers who blow their arms out and never make it to the majors are actually better examples of athletes felled by injuries and much larger sympathy figures than a guy like Roy who at least stayed healthy long enough to realize some part of his dreams, but yeah, his situation in itself is a relatively sad tale. With that said, enough already. This comeback, as much as some might have been cheering for it, was nothing short of completely ill-conceived as doctors have been telling Roy for the last couple of years that a future as a pro basketball player is just not relaistic for him and that retirement from the sport was his best option.

  • Yeah, it is a damn shame. Good luck Brandon.

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