Brandon Roy is Returning; Where Will He Land?

  • Mark Evans

He’s baaaaaack!

After a one season retirement, Brandon Roy has announced that he plans to play in the NBA this upcoming season. It’s always tough for players to stay away from the game, especially someone as good as Roy. Not to mention, he retired on a pretty bad note, citing knee problems as the cause.

When he was healthy, I believe Roy was arguably the second best shooting guard in the game, behind Kobe Bryant. Roy was a dynamic scorer who could get to his spot with the best of them. Even with his injuries, we still saw that he was capable of taking over a game.

Roy cannot return to the Blazers; so where will he go?

The Golden State Warriors have reportedly reached out to Roy’s agent following the news of his return. With Steph Curry and Andrew Bogut returning from injury, David Lee, the rest of their young supporting cast, and the number 7 pick in the upcoming NBA Draft, the Warriors could turn the corner quicker than expected. The Warriors are set on Klay Thompson as their shooting guard, but Roy could definitely thrive in a bench role as a combo guard, as well as teach a thing or two to some of the youngsters.

The internet has been buzzing about the possibility of Brandon Roy joining Kobe Bryant in Los Angeles. The Lakers have really only had one true backcourt playmaker the past few years, and Roy could help fix that problem. They could also go big at the end of the game with Roy and Bryant playing together. He could also help keep the defense honest and prevent them from helping off of Kobe, Bynum, and Gasol(if he stays in LA.)

The Miami Heat could always use some backcourt depth, where they are pretty thin behind Chalmers and Wade, as well as another playmaker behind their Big Three. Roy could be instrumental in keeping the bench unit afloat for short periods of time, particularly with his scoring ability. He would also give them a lot of lineup options, whether they choose to go big or small.

Maybe the Bulls are looking for someone to help carry the load while Rose recovers from injury.

Will the Knicks take a look if J.R. Smith decides to walk away?

Do the Timberwolves give him a chance at shooting guard, a position where they are awfully weak?

The Clippers sure could use a half-court scorer. We’ve all seen how painful they can be to watch when they’re not on the fast break.

A lot of this is just speculation, but there will certainly be suitors for Roy. Teams probably aren’t expecting him to return to his old form, but even a limited Roy can make positive contributions. And we’ve already seen that even an injured Roy can win a playoff game for you.

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