Breaking: Nets and Hawks Agree to Trade For Joe Johnson

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A deal that has been rumored for a while is apparently all but done, and it looks like the Brooklyn Nets are set to acquire Joe Johnson from the Atlanta Hawks. Basically, the Nets have traded every expiring contract they own to acquire Johnson, most notably shooter Anthony Morrow and backup point guard Jordan Farmar. Johnson, who is owed almost $90 million dollars over the next three years, is the only major piece going Brooklyn’s way. The Nets will also give up their lottery-protected pick they acquired from the Houston Rockets in the Terrence Williams trade.

This deal is based on Deron Williams resigning with the Nets, which all signs are now pointing to that being the case. The trade also presumably takes Brooklyn out of the Dwight Howard nightmare sweepstakes, and the Nets will go to Brooklyn with the threesome of Williams, Johnson, and the recently resigned Gerald Wallace.

As a Net fan myself, I am conflicted about the trade, but mostly happy we can finally move on from the Dwightmare.


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