Bucks, Pistons nearing sign and trade for Brandon Jennings

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The situation in Milwaukee between the Bucks and Brandon Jennings has been well-documented, and it seems their relationship may be coming to an end. Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports has learned that the Bucks are nearing a deal to ship Jennings to the Detroit Pistons:

In turn, Wojnarowski has also learned that the Pistons would sign Jennings to a three year deal worth around 24 million dollars:


While the details of the deal are unknown at this time, Brandon Knight is reportedly the key component going to Milwaukee in the deal. This means that the Pistons were able to retain Greg Monroe, and will likely go into the season with a Monroe, Josh Smith, and Andre Drummond front court, with Jennings leading the point.

Update: Further details have the deal have emerged, and the Detroit Pistons will also send Khris Middleton and Viacheslav Kravtzov to the Bucks.

Whether this moves works obviously remains to be seen, but the Pistons are clearly showing that they are not shying away from making risky moves and being aggressive.

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