Bulls shopping Richard Hamilton

  • Mark Evans

With Derrick Rose nursing a torn ACL, the Bulls look to be renovating their roster a little bit.

The Bulls are reportedly shopping Richard Hamilton and his expiring contract, which is worth $5 million this upcoming season and a $5 million team option for the season after that. That means any team that wanted Rip for this season only could simply not pick up the option after this season.

Richard Hamilton was brought into town to provide a legitimate scoring option at the shooting guard position next to former MVP Derrick Rose. He has been a consistent offensive player over the length of his 13 year career, averaging 17.5 points per game.

However, Rip severely struggled to stay on the court in his first season with the Bulls. He played in only 28 regular season games, and only scored 11.6 points per game when he did play.

It’s unclear what the Bulls are looking for in return, or even what Richard Hamilton is even worth. It is possible that freeing Rip from Chicago could open the door for free agent combo guard OJ Mayo.

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  • They should keep Rip and try to add OJ and Pryzbilla or the kid Sims from there summer league team, or drop Rip and pic up MRedd.

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