Be careful what you wish for, Toronto…

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(Credit: Toronto Sun)

(Credit: Toronto Sun)

To put it kindly, the Raptors have been less than stellar for the last few seasons. However, with the emergence of DeMar DeRozan and the addition of several key role players, the Raptors are on the right track, but they need to realize they haven’t won anything, yet.

Raptor fans are obviously excited, and the arena and streets were buzzing for a Game 1 loss to Brooklyn. But the team and fans were less than thrilled with the way Brooklyn handled their last few games of the regular season, and the local media and team’s general manager were not shy about pointing out the Nets’ old age or how they felt about the city of Brooklyn.

To start the morning, the Toronto Sun devoted an entire back page spread to bashing the Brooklyn Nets: complete with corny jokes and the warning “Be careful what you wish for, Brooklyn…” After that, a video of Masai Ujiri emerged of the team’s general manager yelling “F*** Brooklyn” over a microphone at a fan rally.

The Nets wanted to avoid the Bulls at all costs and rightfully so. The Bulls have playoff experience and a stingy defense that would give the Nets serious matchup issues. The Raptors are young, unproven and don’t have a lot of playoff experience. Why shouldn’t the Nets have done everything in their power to play Toronto?

The Nets made the best decision for them, and it’s understandable that Toronto fans want to use that as fuel to inspire their team. However, the risk of their recent antics may outweigh the benefit. Not only has the city and team called out the Brooklyn Nets, but they called out the entire city of Brooklyn. And that is not something the Raptors want to deal with when they play on the road.

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