Carmelo Anthony admits he’s been “passive”

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The New York Knicks have started the season off 1-2 through their first three games, including a tough 82-81 loss to the Chicago Bulls. A game that came down to Derrick Rose making an impossible, late-game floater to put the Knicks on ice.

So far, Carmelo Anthony, has given Knicks’ faithful less than they normally expect from Melo late in games. Carmelo only has 15 points and no free-throw attempts in three 4th quarters so far this season. Not exactly the closer we’ve grown accustomed to seeing take over late in games for the Knickerbockers.

Even Carmelo himself admits to being a little too passive with the ball late in games this season.

“For myself, maybe I’m second-guessing myself as well,” Carmelo said Monday. “Maybe I’m a little bit passive out there, trying to do things that’s out of the norm and trying to make people better at the wrong times.

“That’s where I’m second-guessing myself. And I’m second-guessing my shot, and should I take this or should I pass this. I got to get out of that mentality quick.”

The Knicks star led the league in scoring last season with 28.7 points per game, and was rarely confused with a guy who wasn’t willing to chuck late in games. With that said, Melo is experiencing a lot of new faces, as well as many years of scrutiny for, perhaps, shooting too much. The media crushes Anthony every time he shoots a high volume of shots and the Knicks lose. People often forget that his job is to shoot, for better or worse. He just needs to gain his confidence back.

“I think we’re out there thinking too much, second-guessing ourselves out there,” Anthony said. “When you do that, you’re going to make mistakes, you’re going to turn the basketball over. You see the difference when we’re out there just playing basketball, and just having fun, going with our gut, going with our instinct –- it’s night and day out there on the basketball court.”

With a much-improved eastern conference, many assume that the Knicks will fall off a cliff. But I feel like they’re still a contender on the east coast, and Carmelo’s recent second guessing will pass in due time.


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  • I believe he’s second guessing himself. Everyone criticizes him when he shoots alot so now he passes but he passes too much and he’s not taking the shots he normally would take.

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