Carmelo Anthony frustrated by all the calls James Harden gets compared to himself

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Carmelo Anthony voiced his frustration about the lack of foul calls for himself

The New York Knicks nearly pulled out a thriller last night against the Houston Rockets at Madison Square Garden. Carmelo Anthony hit a three-pointer and was fouled with five seconds to go, but the play was waved off by the referee even though it appeared to be continuation. This would end up being a microcosm for the game as Anthony couldn’t get the calls that Rockets scoring machine James Harden received.

Anthony was frustrated after the game and let his thoughts out about Harden going to the line 18 times to his 11. One thing most basketball observers have stated over the years is that Anthony doesn’t get the calls that other superstars get in the league. Maybe it’s because of Anthony’s physical style of going to the hoop that sometimes makes him look like he is the aggressor. However, Harden is the complete opposite as many consider The Beard one of the league’s biggest floppers which seems to generate many of his trips to the charity stripe.

Via AP:

Asked if it was tough that the Knicks sent Harden to the line often when they got close, Anthony replied, “We didn’t put him on the line, they put him on the line.”

“You look at that, you see the way that some guys get their calls,” Anthony said, “and for me, I’ve got to get cut, you’ve got to see blood for me to get a call down there. So that’s where the frustration comes from.”

Anthony probably does have a point, but he still went to the line 11 times last night. In addition, Anthony often times settles for  jump shots opposed to taking it to the rim. Harden is much more aggressive at taking the ball to the cup. In Melo’s defense however, you would expect a superstar to get that continuation call at home in a nationally televised game. This usually is a good ploy to get calls moving forward, so keep an eye out to see if Anthony starts going to the line more often.

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