Celtic fans respond Ray Allen’s return to Boston

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Ray Allen returned to Boston for the first time since being in a Celtic jersey, and he got very mixed reactions. (AP Photo)

Ray Allen is playing his sixteenth game against Boston as an opponent, but this time it’s different. It’s his first time in TD Garden playing against his former team, the Celtics.

Allen got a special tribute video played for him before the game, which showed many moments him and the first “Big Three” shared together. It was followed by a message on the jumbotron that read: “Thanks for the memories Ray!” That was followed by a standing ovation for the 37-year-old guard as the cameras flipped to him on the bench.

Allen told ABC at halftime that he was “happy they acknowledged it”. However, when Allen entered the game, there was a much different reaction. Not only were there very few claps, the majority of the audience began to boo Allen as he entered for Mario Chalmers.

Welcome back, Ray.


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One Response to Celtic fans respond Ray Allen’s return to Boston

  • If you had been at the game, as myself and my wife were, you would have experienced a very different story. The video was show during the first half, not before the game. As it began to play,
    the was a mix of clapping and booing. But the longer it ran, the more people joined in the clapping and cheering, to the point where maybe three quarters of the fans ended up giving Ray a standing ovation.
    Sure, the booers kept on booing Ray throughout the rest of the game, but they were scattered, and were definitely in the minority. They were the classless few who wouldn’t know a class act if it happened right in front of them, which it did.

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