Chandler Parsons Talks A Little Trash To Mark Jackson

  • Mark Evans

It’s no longer any sort of secret that Chandler Parsons is one of the best values in the league. As a second round pick, the combo-forward has proved to be quite the player in only his second year. He offers great versatility on both ends of the floor, and his shooting and length fit perfectly into Houston’s offensive scheme.

After his team beat down the Golden State Warriors, Mark Jackson talked about how he believes Parsons should stay off Twitter. The Golden State coach then tweeted at Chandler Parsons, congratulating him on his year. And Parsons responded with a little trash talking.

Those are fighting words, huh?

Chandler Parsons has earned the right to talk a little trash, as he is averaging over 15 points, 5 rebounds, and 3 assists per game on 48% shooting from the field, and 39% from three.

-Mark Evans, Assistant Manager/Editor of Content

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