Charles Barkley rips Magic Johnson for tweet about Mike D’Antoni’s resignation

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The outspoken Charles Barkley isn’t scared to give his opinion wherever he feels it’s warranted – and he doesn’t care if you like it or not. Chuck recently scolded fellow NBA legend Magic Johnson for a seemingly disrespectful tweet after former Lakers coach Mike D’Antoni resigned.

Barkley, a current TNT analyst, was less than impressed with what Magic had to say.

Per USA Today:

“Magic Johnson’s bigger than that. Magic Johnson’s bigger than that. Listen, Mike D’Antoni is a good coach. They didn’t give him a lot to work with. But Magic Johnson, he’s bigger than that.”

“The Lakers weren’t going to win with Phil Jackson, either, Ernie. They don’t have good players. … We know Phil Jackson’s arguably the greatest coach ever. The Lakers don’t have players, Ernie. They’re not a good team. Kobe Bryant is one of the 10 greatest players ever. He’s never going to be what he was. They don’t have good players. I’m not sure if Phil Jackson really wanted that job. The Lakers stink, and they’re going to stink.”

Magic never made it a secret that he dislikes D’Antoni’s style of coaching, so that gives him a bit of leniency for the tweet. Also, D’Antoni made a choice to resign. Either way, Barkley is correct. Kobe Bryant probably isn’t going to save the day this time, and the Lakers lack chemistry and depth. It will be interesting to see if a coaching change can really make all the difference in the world.

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19 Responses to Charles Barkley rips Magic Johnson for tweet about Mike D’Antoni’s resignation

  • So Barkley gets to say whatever he likes and its ok. Someone else has a different opinion and Barkley rakes them over the coals. While guess what, your opinion is just that yours and sometimes you should just keep it to yourself. They keep you on the show because you are a BUFFOON. Go find a fan to spit on, a drunk to throw through a window or your specialty finding bust out hookers. You did get one thing correct “YOUR ARE NO ROLE MODEL”, but you are an A–H—. I am no Magic fan either, but your turned into just another JERK in front of a mic.

    • There have been numerous words spoken in English and in Charles’ “language” that I did not agree with nor felt was appropriate. I am not sure who made Charles the “editor” of who can say what, especially after–most recent– unprofessionally using derogatory terms in reference to the Pacers. Charles is so full of himself. Magic made no secret about how he felt towards Mike. I’m baffled as to why it seems to be “beneath” Magic due to him saying…”I could not be more please( happy) that Mike resigned. Magic did not say negative things about him as a coach or a person. He just felt Mike was not a good fit for the Lakers. His opinion( many others as well). Moreover, perhaps we should stop putting before and/or after Charles’ name the word: ANALYST!!! When you struggle—and that’s putting it nicely– to articulate your opinion as an analyst, then please, tell me why is he in that position??

    • Thank you…I agree 100%

    • You must have pretty thin skin if you think Charles ‘raked’ Magic over the coals. He just said what needed to be said, you are bigger than that Magic. It was uncalled for. Also if you are going to call someone a buffoon, please make sure what you type out makes sense. I’m not the grammar police because if I were I’d have to arrest myself…..BUT come on man…try.

    • Regardless of what you are doing or how you feel, you should never rejoice when a man loses his job or is forced to resign in order to save face before they are fired. I didn’t like Mike’s coaching either & I have been a Laker fan since the 80s, but I would really hope that my favorite basketball is a bigger person than that. Rejoicing when a man loses his job is not an opinion, it’s just bad character because you know you wouldn’t want someone being happy that you were forced to resign your position after you didn’t live up to expectations.

      • Please define the word “resign.” Thereafter, perhaps you will not say: “loses his job.” When you resign, you VOLUNTARILY GIVE UP YOUR possession(s) and/or JOB. You have a choice. Mike chose–for whatever reason–to relinquish his responsibilities–in short he quit!!! It is my hope that Mike learns one should not MAKE demands towards the one signing your pay check. Moreover, and perhaps most importantly, Magic gave his opinion about the situation. I am most positive Magic, like myself, could care in the least if you agree or disagree. The last I checked, America still has a Constitution–thus Freedom of Speech is indeed ALIVE!!!!

  • Charles, I agree with your comments. And I am a Laker fan.

  • Misleading Title, Charles did not rip Magic. Charles was respectful by saying Magic is bigger than that. And Charles is right and I believe Magic upon reflection, would agree with Charles and should of stated his point but in a more respectful way to Coach D’Antoni.

  • PS…Mike coaches one way and now he has the highway…Perhaps some of you need to know his history. He lucked up and had a YOUNG Steve Nash to run his system. This was years ago!!! Mike went to the Knicks–problems with the star player Anthony. That team was not a “run and gun” team thus he resigns in the middle of the year. He took over the Lakers. Could not effectively use Dwight nor Pau. The following year he attempted to make a SEVEN footer become a 3 point shooter…not to mention the “bench” player Chis. Bottom line, he needs to be in Europe or coach a young college team or high school. Numbers Don’t Lie nor does history. The theme here is: not able to work effectively with star players; one system of coaching; does not understand that defense is a significant part of basketball; adjusting to the personal you have is PARAMOUNT!!!

  • It’s a matter of respect!
    Barkley is 100% correct that is just a horrible way to respond in a public forum to a man losing his job.

    Frankly if I “tweeted” I would have been a lot harsher than Chuck was. Magic that was just in poor taste!

  • Mike wasn’t the problem. With the injuries who could have won anyway. And then you have the worst teammate in the league in Bryant. Throws teammates and coaches under the bus while he takes bad shot after bad shot. While other players like Miami take less money so good players can play on their team Bryant takes it all, can not play any way other than selfish ball hog and the Lakers won’t win now until he is gone. Sooner the better.

  • I agree with Charles. Right now Magic reminds me of the man that killed the knicks I. Thomas and that’s not a good thing.

  • all ex jocks make me want to throw up.fancy suits,stupid comments and the rest of the garbage.

  • I agree with Charles.If you say anything bad about Magic its not cool,and it isn’t.But for Magic to put DAntoini down was classless.Remember Magic,you were not a great coach or super great husband.

    • Interesting. And perhaps you can share with us what evidence do you have to validate that Magic was not a good “husband?” I don’t read anything in Magic’s comments that spoke to and/or about Mike’s personal life. Wow! And yet you feel you have a grasp on what is “class.” LMAO

      • both Ervin Johnson and Charles Barkley were correct . They both gave honest ethical bussiness savy opinion .

  • Who would argue with Barkley’s statement? A man of Johnson’s stature shouldn’t be sounding off like a fan. He’s a representative of the Lakers organization, whether it’s official or not. He should comport himself with more class. Chanting “Ding, dong – the witch is dead,” is in poor taste.

  • the lakers stink because they wear fartolo cologne.

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