Chris Bosh Says He and LeBron Will Stay in Miami

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Chris Bosh appeared on Florida’s local radio show The Dan LeBatard Show Tuesday and provided LeBatard with interesting news.

chris-bosh-lebron-jamesHe’s staying in Miami. Furthermore, so is LeBron James. Bosh can opt out of his contract after this season but in an unconventional interview told LeBatard he and James will remain in Miami.

During a game of “True or False” Lebatard asked Bosh if he will be in Miami next year. He answered “True.” The follow up question was whether LeBron would be there as well. Again, Bosh answered “True.”

There have been reports that LeBron could be wooed back to his hometown in Cleveland, and the Cavs have made efforts to mend their relationship with James. These comments by Bosh seem to contradict these reports, and Bosh clearly thinks he and LeBron will continue to play alongside each other.

Now, these remarks are by no means binding, and it certainly does not mean he is without a doubt going to be in Miami next season. However, he could have answered “no comment” or even that it is too soon to tell. He instead opted for a definite answer. An answer that will probably make most Miami Heat fans breathe a sigh of relief, if even a small one.

Sports-Kings Pass The Pill Contributor Kristina Beltran @KristinaaSayss

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