Chris Bosh’s Baby’s Momma Doesn’t Want Daughter at Olympics Because of ‘Possible Terrorism'; Judge Agrees

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Call me crazy, but it seems like taking your daughter to an international unity of hundreds of countries would be something that would happen without controversy. Chris Bosh wasn’t so lucky in this regard.

A Judge has ruled in favor of Chris Bosh’s baby’s momma, Allison Mathis, which forbids the Heat star forward from bringing his daughter to London for the Olympics, according to TMZ. Mathis cited the threat of ‘possible terrorism’ as the reason she was uncomfortable with Bosh taking their daughter overseas. Why the Judge made this ruling is unclear, however if Mathis were to change her mind, Bosh’s daughter would be allowed to witness her dad in the Olympic games.

This seems like it may be about a little more than ‘possible terrorism’, and more of a power play by Mathis. Obviously, she would have to know how much it would mean to Bosh for his daughter to see him play on the Olympic stage, and I highly doubt that hasn’t factored into her decision to legally forbid him to do so. Let’s face it, this isn’t the first time these two have been in court together, and it probably won’t be the last either.


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