Chris Douglas-Roberts Compares Professional Sports to War

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The Charlotte Bobcats, er, Hornets, had a nice season in which they returned to relevancy, led by big man Al Jefferson. They got contributions from a few reclamation projects, with one of them being Chris Douglas-Roberts.

CDR was pretty good at times, and he gave Charlotte some athleticism on the wing. It was nice to see him play well, as he’s someone who has struggled to stay afloat in the NBA.

He spoke with Triangle Offense, and you can see the full interview here. CDR did make one questionable comment, where he compared professional sports to war.

My journey has also given me the mentality that the weak must die. Its not fair, but that’s what it takes to be be successful in professional sports. This is a war. You have to strategize and conquer to reach your goals. The reason I’m back where I am is because I learned strategy and I learned the weak must die in this. All learned from my journey and mistakes. You have to always find a way. My strategy was to dominate D-League (kill the weaker competition) (no disrespect) and eliminate all the possible liabilities. The main one I wanted to eliminate was that I could only score when dominating the ball. So Raft (my trainer) and I set a goal. Which was to shoot 40% from three and be top-20 in the league in three-point shooting. And I did it! That’s just one of many. All strategy.

I’m sure CDR didn’t have any sort of ill intent, but it’s a comparison that should simply be avoided.

I get what he was trying to say. It’s tough to make it in the professional sports world; you’re competing with the best athletes in the world. Staying in a league can be a struggle. Just word it better, please.


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  • It does my heart good to hear these corageous people speak in this way,I guess the next time theres a need for soldiers on a front to fight an actual war he along with any other big mouth can be fighting along side the men and women who have actually trained for it and Oh yeah the money aint gonna be all that great either!Idiot!

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