Chris Smith: Brother JR Smith Wants to Stay with the Knicks

  • Frank Santos

There are few sources better than a players little brother. That aforementioned little brother is an even better source when his statements come while he is playing golf with big bro. This is the situation that arose Monday night when Chris Smith, who recently made the Knicks Summer League roster , said that big brother JR Smith wants to stay with the Knicks.

Chris went on to say that JR is “looking for a great situation that and whatever suits him right,” but that JR “loves New York.” It would probably be wise for Smith to stay put with the Knicks since he really found a role with the team, and actually wasn’t a complete headcase, which for him is saying a lot. The Knicks have made Smith a priority, but are also focused on retaining other free agents such as Steve Novak and Jeremy Lin. As much as Smith would like to stay, it is also known that when it comes to JR Smith, money talks. This is especially true when you are (allegedly) broke.

From an entertainment standpoint, we can only hope that some scrub team like the Raptors offers him a lucrative, can’t-turn-down type contract, and maybe we can get a reality show out of it. I can see it now: “Coming up after Ice and Coco, JR Takes Over Canada! Only on E!”


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