Coach Mike Woodson says Carmelo Anthony doesn’t get superstar calls

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Does Carmelo Anthony not receive superstar calls?

Right before the New York Knicks were about to go into overtime in a game they probably should have won in regulation, Carmelo Anthony had one final attempt to stop the Knicks dreaded losing streak at home. As the play unfolded, Melo clearly had contact with Indiana Pacers rising star, Paul George. Often times Melo creates the contact with his bullish offensive moves, but this was a call that you would think a superstar player would receive at home – especially when just moments before, George was the beneficiary of a finger grazing that allowed him to tie the game with three free throws.

In typical Knicks fashion, they would end up losing the game in overtime when Paul George went bananas during the overtime period scoring 9 points. This would lead to several questions surrounding the final moments of the game in which coach Mike Woodson addressed today during his ESPN radio show.

Via NY Post:

Asked if Anthony is not receiving calls normally associated with a superstar, Woodson said on his ESPN Radio show, “Absolutely. I’m not going to shy away from that either. Melo gets hit more than ever. If you go in that overtime game, we were down 6. Melo got whacked coming across middle and there was no call.

“I’ve been at this thing 30 years,’’ Woodson added. “Sometimes I’m starting to wonder what’s a foul and what’s not a foul.’’

Trying to officiate Anthony has to be one of the toughest things in the NBA to determine. His physical style often has himself as the initiator of the contact being drawn thus he often gets called for offensive fouls. I’m not an NBA mastermind, but I’d say the Knicks have bigger things to worry about than whether Anthony is getting “superstar calls” or not.

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2 Responses to Coach Mike Woodson says Carmelo Anthony doesn’t get superstar calls

  • He doesn’t get superstar calls. Really he gets calls of a 2-3 year player that none of the refs know.
    There’s been a few of their defeats that were lost by non-calls. Not excusing the poor play of the team.
    most of the loses were because of the poor play and bonehead decisions.

  • I think at least 80% of NBA games are decided by the referee ,and that is very, very bad for the sport. I also think a lot of these referees are doing what is called witch hunt. that means if they don’t like a team or a player, they are going to do everything in their powers make sure this team lose or the player gets no calls. can someone please tell me why joey Crawford is still a referee. the guy is as blind as a bat. he make the most questionable calls in the game , yet he has all this experience. make sure when David Stern is leaving he takes joey with him.

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