Could Kobe Bryant be wearing a custom made grill mouthpiece?

  • Jason Whitney

Will Kobe Bryant rock out the custom-made GRILLZ, Paul Wall has offered him?

Rapper Paul Wall, has already got his custom made grills on Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte. In fact, LeBron James, apparently has already purchased four of them himself! Next up… Kobe Bryant? According to Wall and his partner TV Johnny, they would love to see Kobe Bryant rocking their grill.

If the Team USA men’s basketball team goes on to win a gold medal—something they’re largely expected to do—the People’s Champ and TV Johnny would love to see Kobe rocking their grill.

“He’s the greatest basketball player of our era, of his generation right now,” Paul Wall told XXL. “We want to see him wear [a grill]…that’d be sick.”

Wall and TV Johnny already have an idea hashed out if this ever comes to fruition.

“A gold one with purple stones in it,” Wall said. “Purple and gold for the Lakers.”

“I’d love if Kobe rocks one of our grills,” said TV Johnny, who added that Bryant’s Olympic teammate LeBron James has purchased four grills from him and Wall in the past. “That’d be the best. He’s a big part of hip-hop. We would do whatever he wants.”

The best part for Kobe Bryant, it is on the house! Well, assuming the USA hoops team doesn’t have anymore scares and wins Olympic gold.

The Houston rapper vowed that “any U.S. Olympian who wins a gold medal, we’re going to make ’em a free grill…on the house.”

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4 Responses to Could Kobe Bryant be wearing a custom made grill mouthpiece?

  • I thought “grillz” were played out years ago. I see LeBron doing something like this because he is still a kid of some sort, but I just don’t see Kobe doing this. He doesn’t need the publicity and I don’t see him doing something that would attract the media for something other than basketball reasons.

    • Jason Whitney

      haha, So did I. When I saw this I was kind of surprised LeBron even purchased four pairs

      • Yeah, 4 pairs is a little extra. Image is such a big deal these days that I don’t understand why any of these NBA players are choosing to go down that path. They are just opening the doors up for being stereotyped.

  • Grills are so 80s — I thought that ish died in St. Louis about 25 years ago.

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