Could Nate Robinson be playing for the New York Knicks next year?

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Nate Robinson would welcome a return to the New York Knicks

Nate Robinson is coming off a solid season with the Chicago Bulls, that saw him elevate his free agency status with an incredible playoff run. Starting July 1st, Robinson will be an unrestricted free agent which means he’ll be free to sign with any team in the NBA. And apparently, Robinson would welcome a return with the New York Knicks.

Via ESPN New York:

Nate Robinson, who will be an unrestricted free agent come July 1, would be open to returning to the Knicks, according to his agent, Aaron Goodwin.

“Nate’s first thought would be to remain with the Bulls, but if the Knicks’ opportunity presented itself, I am sure he would appreciate an opportunity to play in New York again,” he told

Robinson earned $1.15 million last season with the Bulls and his agent will be  seeking a mid-level contract for his Robinson. The Knicks do have a taxpayer mid-level exception of $3.18 million to spend, so this certainly is a possibility. The knock on Robinson has been his immaturity, but last season he proved to his doubters that he can lead a team. In fact, during the playoffs he commanded the respect of LeBron James who wanted to guard him after Game 1.

Robinson will also be an attractive free agent for his many championship-level intangibles, including energy, spirit, confidence, fearlessness, hustle and leadership. Those qualities would win over the demanding, defensive-minded and old-school coach Mike Woodson.

If Robinson continues to develop running a team, he could help Smith, and others, score more easily and consistently next season. He would also help the Knicks play at a faster pace. Imagine Robinson-to-Smith alley-oops in transition — that would sure rock the Garden crowd. The Knicks’ offense took a major step back in the playoffs because they couldn’t get enough deep-paint penetration. That’s Robinson game — and a whole lot more.

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