Darren Collison to opt out; Knicks on the horizon?

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Darren Collison will opt out of his contract making him a free agent this summer

According to sources, Los Angeles Clippers backup point guard Darren Collison will opt out of his contract to become an unrestricted free agent this summer. Collison took a “hometown discount” last summer when he signed a two-year, $3.9 million deal to back up Chris Paul for the Clippers. But at 26 years old, it appears Collison is looking for more money and a possible chance to start. And one team that has had Collison on their radar is the New York Knicks.

Darren Collison of the Los Angeles Clippers will forgo the second year of his contract that would have paid him $1.9 million to become an unrestricted free agent this summer, a league source informed CSNNW.com.

Collison, 26, signed a two-year, $3.9 million deal with the Clippers last offseason, which is an extreme hometown discount the Southern California native agreed to. The second year was a player-option.

The source’s response to our inquiry was, “Darren is definitely opting out.”

The Knicks desperately need a point guard with Ramond Felton’s uncertain future after being arrested on gun charges. New York City has strict gun possession laws and on top of that, Felton was playing very poor for the Knicks. However, Phil Jackson could only offer Collison the mini mid-level exception – which is about $3 million per year over the span of two seasons. That would still be a raise with a chance to start and potentially earn himself a bigger contract down the road. With very few options, the Knicks would have a big upgrade if they could convince Collison to come to Gotham City, and this time it wouldn’t require them losing Iman Shumpert. For Collison, his preference is to stick with the Clippers, but is apparently keeping his options open.

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