David Lee Tells Blake Griffin To Stop Flopping

  • Mark Evans

Last season, commissioner David Stern was fairly vocal about his concerns regarding flopping in the NBA. Now, there are rules in place to try to solve the problem. Flops will be reviewed, and players can be retroactively fined at an increasing rate with each flop.

There are a few NBA players that we all figured would be in trouble with this. Blake Griffin is one of the most notable ones, and is considered one of the worst floppers in the league amongst stars. A lot of people are frustrated with it, and you can now add David Lee to the list.

Look at the video below to see it for yourself:

It’s tough to tell at first just by watching the video, but you can definitely see it in the slow-motion toward the end of the clip. Blake Griffin looked to get a little tangled up with David Lee, who retaliated accordingly.

I’m sure there are players around the league who are happy with David Lee doing this. Blake is a very good player, and there’s really no need to flop around like he does. It has no place in the game, especially amongst some of the best players the league has to offer.

-Mark Evans, Assistant Manager/Editor of Content

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15 Responses to David Lee Tells Blake Griffin To Stop Flopping

    • Blake Griffin was mauled by Pau Gasol in the game against the Lakers, and that continued in the game against Golden State, when he was triple covered, went up for shots, hit a tangle of arms, and fouls not called.

      Having watched their season last year — and watching in particular, Pau’s equally cheap-shot artist Marc, both of whom think they’re playing in the European League against Lithuanians or Italians — Griffin took a horrific beating, that being the strategy: Whack-a-Shaq, because Griffin’s free throw shooting was so inconsistent. It’s a strategy; it’s a coaching decision; it’s a cheap player’s preference.

      Kobe Bryant recently remarked what I’d said all of last season: The first time Griffin comes up and smashes one of those bastards in the face with an “accidental” elbow to sens a message, the BS would stop.

      How you could take a David Lee whiny testimony as gospel is pure BS. Grow up and REALLY watch a game. You’d be surprised what you’re missing.

      P.S. Wanna see the Academy Award-winning flopper of the NBA? Unanimous choice — Steve Blake of the Lakers. It seems he worships the Digger Phelps/Bill Laimbeer Bible of whining in protest after every call, always. That’s why I hated Notre Dame bball. Saturday mornings must’ve had full confessional booths for those two, yet they were unrepentent. If God isn’t Catholic, they’re screwed.

      • Chris Paul is a great player but when he drives from the top of the key and someone gets close to him he makes it look like a train hit him. A lot of the Clippers flop (Vinny’s influence?) and it makes me sick to see a stud like Blake Griffin buying into this crap. Its basketball, big guys bang down low fighting for position all the time.

        I am glad to see the league is making strides to move away from the “European Soccer” flopping that has infested the NBA over the years. Chris Paul and Blake Griffin are way too good to stoop down this type of bush league style of basketball.

        • I’m glad that you mentioned something about CP3 as well. That guy is a huge flopper too! Blake Griffin and CP3 are looking like Mike Bibby and Vlade Divac of the Sacramento Kings. That duo used to flop around like fish out of water and these 2 are basically following suit!

          You’re right, they are way too good to be stooping to this level, but here they are doing it! I also am glad that the league is gonna attempt to put an end to the flopping. They also look at LeB!tch too when talking about flopping, I can’t believe how these monsters weighing close to 260 lbs can be moved by a guy weighing a buck fifty! It’s just so damned ridiculous!

          Griffin can’t have it both ways. He can’t be the tough guy throwing down dunks and then flys back into the stands any time, someone lays a finger on him.

      • The most basic and fundamental aspect of the game of basketball is making baskets; shooting. Shooting a free throw with no one in your face is the most unobscured shot. If you suck at that, then you deserve to get hack-a-Shaq’d and it is a great strategy. Based on your post, the fact that he can’t do the most fundamental thing in basketball and that, despite his size and athleticism, he is easy to knock down, I truly will feel sorry for the guy. But he makes great commercials.

        • I do agree that he makes great commercials. Although, I would never buy a KIA, he does make the brand more appealing.

  • You’ve got to be kidding. That is not a flop. Lee pushed him a little and he moved accordingly. Blake didn’t even fall to the ground

  • How come the refs did”nt catch all the flopping the Lips did against the Lakers?The Lips must have gotten lessons from the Hollywood stunt men before the season started.This Griffin is another wannabe just like La Queen Jane,nothing but slam-dunk.He can”t shoot from 3ft and further.

  • Don’t usually follow basketball, but, what is ‘flopping’?

  • I can’t see the video in question, however, I feel certain times flopping does have a place. If your a defender, and you have your space, and you are set, and an offensive player decides to go through you, Sometimes you have to ebellish the contact in .order to get the rightful offensive foul

    • Those are called taking charges. They are not “legal” flops, so to speak. There was a video explaining what would and would not be considered a flop that was sent out when the rule was made. Look it up on youtube.

  • Blake’s a terrible FT shooter too so why does flopping help him?

  • Blake even flopped when the Ref broke them apart! What a joke!

  • What about LaBron James? He was pretty damn good at the flop and D. Wade!!

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