David Stern Expects HGH Testing By Next Season

  • Mark Evans

When people speak of performance enhancing drugs in sports, the NBA usually isn’t the first league that comes to mind. The MLB and NFL have mostly dominated that conversation of the years.

David Stern put basketball in the conversation when he recently spoke on the possibility of HGH testing and the NBA, and going as far as saying that he expects it to be in place by next season. Via SB Nation:

NBA commissioner David Stern believes the league could begin testing its players for Human Growth Hormone as early as the 2013-14 season. In fact, he told WCCO radio in Minnesota that it was expected.

The league has been looking into testing for HGH for at least the last few years, and Stern said there has yet to be a plan implemented because the league was coming into an understanding of what testing methods worked the best, the commissioner told the radio station.

PEDs haven’t been a problem in the NBA that the public is aware of, but that could change if this testing is enacted. While many basketball players aren’t the type of people who scream PEDs, this is still a positive step.

And if no one is using them, it shouldn’t be a problem. Right?

-Mark Evans, Assistant Manager/Editor of Content

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