David Stern Says Spurs Will Face Sanctions For Sending Players Home

  • Mark Evans

A lot of people were looking forward to watching Spurs/Heat tonight on national television. The defending champions against some of the older, more seasoned former champions in Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili, and Tony Parker. Gregg Popovich had other plans, however, as the Spurs announced that their big three, in addition to Danny Green, were sent home to get ready for the team’s next game.

This isn’t a surprising move from Popovich. He knows he has a veteran team, and he likes to rest his stars when he gets a chance, so that they can be fresh when the games really matter later in the season and into the playoffs.

David Stern is not happy about it, one bit.

Via USA Today:

Stern released a statement, shown on TNT’s pregame show.

“I apologize to all NBA fans,” he said. “This was an unacceptable decision by the San Antonio Spurs and substantial sanctions will be forthcoming.”

This certainly doesn’t look good for the Spurs.

But honestly, what did they really do wrong? Is it illegal to rest your guys early in the season? It’s not as if the Spurs are tanking, which several teams have done over the past few seasons. As head coach, Popvich has the right to play whoever he wants on his roster at his discretion.

You have to feel like if this game wasn’t on national television against the Heat, nothing would be said by Stern.

-Mark Evans, Assistant Manager/Editor of Content

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9 Responses to David Stern Says Spurs Will Face Sanctions For Sending Players Home

  • Stern has NO right to pass sanctions. Pop can do whatever he feels is in the best interest of his team, & David can deal with it. I hope he fines them and the Spurs sue the league. He and Goodell need to get a grip, they abuse their authority and need to be taught a lesson or two.

  • First of all, I can’t stand Mr Stern but as a fan I feel cheated. I was looking forward to seeing a highly contested match up until Pop sent his starting line up home and not to think of the sponsors, advertisers, paying customers in the stadium. Yea this is one time I agree with Mr Stern.

  • Isn’t it way past time for Stern to retire? This guy is a moron, if the coach wanted to rest guys that is what he should be able to do. It is moves like this that make people think the NBA Lottery is fixed….

  • I dis agree I think the fans got their money´s worth. Half the Spurs gone and Miami barely won. GO SPURS GO!!!

  • Stern has no authority to decide what are tactical coaching decisions and ought to be sued. Nontheless the people who paid out exorbitant ticket prices for this, the most boring and…(not my place to attack NBA) sports spectacle had every right to expect to see each team’s best. These tickets are expensive and those that like NBA…like it. The Spurs should reimburse the fans where possible, not pay some bogus fine to a bogus league.

  • Would there have been a difference if Pop has simply let them sit on the bench for the entire game? The benching would have served the same purpose.

  • G. POP should tell Stern to go screw himself if the owner of the Spurs doesn’t disapprove, it shouldn’t be any of Sterns concern. Miami barely got by the Spurs and would he of rather seen a possible blowout not likely Good decision Greg you run your team the way you see fit and Good Luck this year

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