DeAndre Jordan on trade rumors: ‘That just means somebody else wants you’

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Before Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce packed their bags for Brooklyn, rumors swirled that they may instead be joining coach Doc Rivers in Los Angeles with the Clippers. This was before David Stern stepped in and went all “I’m David Stern AND I RUN SH*T HERE.” The presumed package for Garnett, Pierce, and Rivers was based around Eric Bledsoe, and DeAndre Jordan going back to the Celtics. There have been numerous circumstances where players in Jordan’s position would be angry with management, and feel disrespected that the team tried to ship him off.

However, Jordan couldn’t disagree with that mindset more. He told RealGM that trade talks are a sign of respect, and he never discussed his situation with management. Here’s some more details:

In Jordan’s mind, interest from other NBA teams meant he was desired in a way perhaps the Clippers didn’t feel at times this offseason. As the Clippers pursued Kevin Garnett, Jordan was ready to move on if they pulled off a deal – and he took all the supposed interest as respect out of franchises.

“If I go, that just means that, honestly, somebody else wants you,” Jordan told RealGM on Tuesday. “As long as someone else is interested, and you’re wanted, you can’t feel negative. I never listened to the s— on the news or the radio. I just wanted to get better and be ready for the season. Whatever jersey I had on, I really didn’t care to be honest with you.

“And if I got traded, then s—, so what? I’m still going to be in the NBA. I’m still going to be playing the game that I love, just for a different team.”

I love Jordan’s mindset in this situation, and many other players could learn from his perspective. As a Net fan, I always had this thought about Brook Lopez, who was the focus of Dwight Howard trade rumors for approximately 345 years. Lopez, who also handled himself like a professional, should have felt honored that the only reason that the team was considering trading was to acquire the most dominant center in the game.

Similarly, Jordan understands that this is a business, and has seemingly moved on from the situation, and will continue to be an integral part in the Clippers pursuit of a championship.

Now, if only we can get the corpse of Brandon Knight on this bandwagon.

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