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Would this be a move to make Kobe happy? credit: USA Today

Would this be a move to make Kobe happy?
credit: USA Today

Jason Kidd was hired as the head coach of the Brooklyn Nets briefly after retiring from the New York Knicks, and many wondered if he was qualified for the job. While Kidd got off to a rough start, he’s certainly finding his way.

Now, it looks like another veteran guard may look to make a similar move.

Mike D’Antoni resigned from the Lakers last night, and Derek Fisher may be interested in the position. Yes, the same Derek Fisher playing for Oklahoma City right now. Via Yahoo:

Bryant has long admired Byron Scott, but there’s a different ex-Lakers guard who could go much further to regenerate the franchise’s culture and hold the insight into getting the most out of Bryant’s final two seasons: Derek Fisher.

Once the Oklahoma City Thunder’s season ends, Fisher will have a willingness to listen to coaching, front office and broadcasting possibilities. As for the Lakers’ coaching job, it holds tremendous appeal to him, sources with knowledge of his thinking told Yahoo Sports on Wednesday night. For now, the Thunder’s 3-2 deficit to Memphis holds his full focus, but there’s no rush for the Lakers to hire a coach now.

The Lakers just had an accomplished coach in D’Antoni that they practically ran out the door, so them jumping to hire someone still playing would be a bit strange.

It’s no secret that Kobe Bryant didn’t want to play in MDA’s system, so maybe this would be a move to make Kobe happy and maybe attract a free agent. Let’s be honest; does anyone think Fisher would really run that team with Kobe on the roster?

Still, it’s an interesting situation to keep an eye on.


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