Report: Derrick Rose added range to his jumper?

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According to the Chicago Tribune, Derrick Rose has been working out and adding moves to his already dynamic arsenal. Rose missed the entirety of last season while recovering from a torn ACL. An injury Rose suffered the injury to his left knee in the opening series against the Philadelphia 76ers as the 2012 NBA playoffs kicked off.

Rose never felt comfortable enough to return last season, and the backlash has been severe. Many fans around the league took to calling Rose soft, or heartless as the drama over when he’d actually return took it’s fight right into the 2013 NBA Playoffs.

Now that Rose has taken his time, and feels comfortable with his game once again, it’s being said that Rose has added moves to his already dangerous offensive attack. Rose has reportedly added a left-handed floater and noticeable range to his shot. Rose had already shown improvement on his jumper, including his deep ball, since entering the league back in 2008. Rose’s lack of a consistent jumper was an early knock on the 2011 NBA MVP.

If Rose has indeed added considerable range to his shot, and keeps the lateral movement we’ve seen on display from him in the past… then watch out, world. Derrick Rose could presumably become the league’s most dynamic guard with a reliable jump shot. It’s one thing his game has never really had, and it’s scary to think about how good he could actually be if defenders are forced to guard him everywhere on the hardwood.

Chicago Bulls head coach, Tom Thibodeau checked in on his superstar point guard last month, and had this to say.

“What the summer has done is it’s given him more time to build confidence and strength in his leg,” Thibodeau said in Las Vegas in July. “His entire body is a lot stronger.”

With a stronger, more complete Derrick Rose on the verge of debuting his new game, the NBA could be increasingly close to seeing a juggernaut of a Chicago Bulls team hit the floor next season.



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