Derrick Rose has increased his vertical leap by several inches

  • Jason Whitney

Rose says he is jumping five inches higher since tearing his ACL

Derrick Rose finally made his long-awaited return to the hardwood last night. The last time we saw Rose was in May of 2012 when he tore his ACL, so it’s been quite a long time. According to Rose, since the injury, he has spent so many countless hours of rehab, that his vertical leap has actually increased as much as five inches since his rookie year.


“I think I jump higher,” Rose said after scoring 13 points in 20 minutes during the Bulls’ 82-76 victory against the Indiana Pacers. “I think coming into the league I was at 37 [inches vertical jump] and they tested my vertical at [a training facility], I’m probably at like a 42 [inches], so I’m jumping a little bit higher.”

Rose looked impressive in his return to the court against the Indiana Pacers. I can’t imagine Rose needing more help in the explosive department, but if he is jumping five additional inches, look out.








































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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