Derrick Rose Is Done For The Season: Why It’s Actually A Good Thing For Rose And Why It Creates A Dicey Future For The Bulls

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I know, the title of this article doesn’t seem to make much sense. How can Derrick Rose missing a second straight season be a good thing for Derrick Rose? Well, it turns out that after he received word that he had torn the meniscus in his right (non-surgically repaired) knee, that he had two surgical options: have the meniscus removed or have the meniscus repaired. Having the meniscus removed (as Dwyane Wade did 11 years ago and has openly regretted), would get him on the court much sooner (sometime this season), but it would be worse for him in the long-term. Having the meniscus repaired ends his season, but with full rehab, it should be better for his career in the long-term.

Being the kind of player who sees the big picture, Rose has opted to have the meniscus repaired, which means his season is over, but his career long-term looks brighter. He is still only 25 years old and will  be 26 years old when the 2014 season starts, which means he still has a lot of basketball left in him. Plus, this injury is happening at the beginning of this season, which means he will be back for next season on time.

The only real downside to him opting for this surgery to repair the meniscus is that we won’t get to see Derrick Rose for another full season. Over 3 years, Rose will have only played in 50 games. So that  means that we really won’t have had a real good dose of D-Rose since 2010! But, if we can be as patient as Rose is, then we will ultimately benefit as fans to get to see him play at a higher level for a longer period of time.


From a front office perspective, this D-Rose situation is much more dicey. The Bulls’ organization can’t have the same kind of optimism that we the fans have since they are the ones who are paying Derrick Rose his money. Do they really want to continue to bank on him returning to MVP form? Do they want to continue to build the team around him or do they want to go another direction? If it was only the Miami Heat that they had to contend with out East, the Bulls may feel better about rolling the dice on Rose one more time, but with the Pacers being ranked ahead of them in the conference and division, the Bulls need to be more on the safe side than take gambles.

How much of a gamble is it for them to continue to bank on Rose returning to MVP form? Right now, I think it’s a pretty big gamble. The Bulls know that they have a terrific group of players without Derrick Rose who will lead their organization back to the playoffs, and maybe even the second round of the playoffs. But with that team being built around Derrick Rose, so long as Rose is out, the team remains fairly limited in terms of how deep into the playoffs they can go. I’m not suggesting they trade Derrick Rose, but what I am suggesting is that perhaps they want to seriously consider moving some of their players to better position themselves for the upcoming draft (e.g. trade Luol Deng to a team who gives you back a high first round pick) and start to think about their future without Derrick Rose in the picture.

The main take away from this most recent Derrick Rose injury is that Derrick Rose is likely to be able to be good long-term, but the Bulls can’t completely afford to just bank on Rose being the cornerstone of their franchise for the next 10 years. They need to start making adjustments and prepare for life without Rose permanently, which may sound like an extreme measure to take in light of the optimism surrounding Rose’s surgery, but in the world of professional sports, you better be prepared for the worst, or as J. Peterman once told Elaine in Seinfeld: “Better bring a poncho.”

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