Dick Vitale responds to Twitter haters after Duke loss

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Dick Vitale responded to the trolls via Twitter

Dicky V or Dukie V, as some have called ESPN’s Dick Vitale, responded via Twitter to the hoop junkies who apparently have called him out over his tournament picks. It is no secret that Vitale has a fond admiration of the Duke Blue Devils program and coach Mike Krzyzewski. Vitale often leaves himself open for criticism with his transparent analysis when calling Duke games. So naturally whenever Duke loses, Vitale takes heat via social media and other outlets from many hoop heads.

Well, someone must have struck a chord with Vitale, because he responded via Twitter to the “hoop wackos” that have called him out after Mercer’s upset win over Duke in the NCAA tournament’s first round.

Truth be told, Vitale probably does pull for the Duke program. However, Duke is a very polarizing team and Vitale is synonymous with Duke in many people’s minds, and thus, the hate probably unfairly gets directed at Vitale when they lose. Normally Dickie V. has thicker skin, but not even he is immune to the Twitter trolls.


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2 Responses to Dick Vitale responds to Twitter haters after Duke loss

  • Ok, I can not stand Dickie V when he announces Duke games, mores now as a fan of a team that is new to the ACC. But I like the guy and his energy he brings to every game.
    That being said it’s exactly what you wrote, Dickie V is Duke in the minds of the public. It’s like Spike Lee if the Knicks were ever good or Jack Nicholson when the Lakers were good. If something happened to one those teams, they would reap a whirlwind of tweets, too!

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