Dirk Nowitzki: I’m Not The Cream Of The Crop Anymore

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credit: Getty Images

Dirk Nowitzki is one of the best players of his generation. He revolutionized the power forward position as someone who was a threat from almost everywhere on the floor, and we’ve seen plenty of teams look to find a stretch floor after seeing the success the Dallas Mavericks have had with Dirk.

While he may not be the player he used to be due to age, Dirk is still very good. It was a bounce back year for the German, who seemed to have nice chemistry with Monta Ellis.

All NBA teams were announced today, and Dirk was nowhere to be found. It wasn’t a huge surprise, as the forward position is stacked. Dirk didn’t seem to care, and he even admitted that he’s not what he once was. Via ESPN:

“For me, I had a good bounce back year, but I agree [with the announcement],” Nowitzki told ESPN Dallas. “Obviously, I’m not in the cream of the crop anymore. I think that’s no surprise. I’ll still try to be efficient going forward.” 

I get his point, but I still think Dirk is selling himself short.

He isn’t what he used to be, but he’s still an excellent power forward. Dirk flirted with 50/40/90 while averaging 22 points and 6 rebounds; if that’s not cream of the crop, it’s pretty close.

Hopefully we’ll get to see Dirk make one or two more serious title runs before he retires, because he really is a ton of fun to watch.


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