Dirk Nowitzki on nearing NBA’s top 10 all-time scoring list: “That’s insane”

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Dirk Nowitzki is close to cracking the NBA’s top 10 all-time scoring list, as he’s surpassed 26,000 all-time points in his NBA career. Dirk is currently sitting in the 13th spot, just 200 and some change behind John Havlicek, and the idea of breaking into the top 10 (which he will), seems “insane” to Dirk.

Nowitzki recently told Jim Rome:

“I mean that’s insane,” Nowitzki said. “When I first got here, as a 7-foot guy who weighed barely 200 pounds, I didn’t really know if I was really going to make it in this league with all of these athletes and the way they played. 16 years later, knowing the crazy ride we’ve been on, the All-Star games, topped off with obviously the championship in 2011, it’s been an amazing ride, I’ve enjoyed every minute of it.”

It’s quite the accomplishment for the 16-year NBA vet. Dirk is a 12-time NBA All-Star, and an NBA Champion. Reaching the high mark of being a top 10 scorer of all-time is just another HUGE notch on the belt of the best European player to ever lace ’em up. Especially when you think of the adjustments Dirk had to make when he entered the league back in the late 90’s. It was a different NBA. Not the new league that players like Nowitzki helped pave.

“It was really tough for me. I was just not strong enough,” said Nowitzki. “When a 4 or power forward caught the ball on the block and I was guarding him, I would hear the whole visiting team yell, ‘Go at him! Please go at him! Kill him!’ That was always in the back of my mind. You got to get stronger. You don’t have to be a great defender, but you have to be a smart defender.”

Dirk sort of refers to a term coined by a lot of older NBA fans. Guys who used to watch basketball in the 1990’s and prior, love to refer to the power forwards of today, as power forwards with no power. Dirk sort of alludes to that in his comments of not being strong enough to play the four early in his career.



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