DJ Khaled Claims Spurs Cheated In Game One

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Much has been made of the air conditioning malfunction in San Antonio during Game One of the NBA Finals. The conditions were tough, and played a part in LeBron James having to leave the game due to cramps. Regardless, both teams had to play under the same conditions, and the Spurs pulled out the win.

Most people believe it was simply a mistake. Some, like Jason Terry, believe there may have been some ill intent from San Antonio.

Now, you can add DJ Khaled to that list. The hip-hop star, and Miami Heat fan, was on First Take, where he voiced his opinion. You can watch the clip below.

Well, alright then.

I’m not buying a word Khaled is saying. He’s clearly just a bitter Heat fan, and using “the streets” as your source doesn’t exactly scream credibility; it screams cry baby.

Even if there was some sort of foul play involved, DJ Khaled wouldn’t exactly be the person to know about it. He’s nothing more than a fan that got the chance to run his mouth on ESPN.


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