Doc Rivers already has planned championship parade for the Clippers

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Doc Rivers has already planned a championship celebration

Planning out a championship parade may seem a bit pretentious for the Los Angeles Clippers who have yet to make it to the Western Conference Finals, let alone the NBA Finals. But planning out a championship parade before the start of the season is exactly what new coach Doc Rivers did for the Boston Celtics during the summer of 2007 when the Celtics acquired Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen. The end result that year was another NBA championship for the Celtics.

Via L.A. Times:

A few hours before the Clippers’ flop of an opener, Rivers had boldly talked about taking the Clippers where no coach had before, about figuring out the smartest way to navigate the streets around Staples Center come June.

You have to envision a championship before you can win it, right?

Rivers had famously used a similar tactic with the Boston Celtics in the summer of 2007. The coach took Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen on a duck boat tour through Boston after the trio of stars came together, emulating the title parade route used by the Boston Red Sox and New England Patriots.

The Clippers seem to have the makeup of a team that could advance deep into the playoffs this season. But coach Doc Rivers had a much tougher veteran team with the Celtics than he does with the Clippers. Maybe this Clippers team needs a taste of what winning a world championship is like. Only time will tell.

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