Doc Rivers criticizes Jason Kidd’s use of Pierce and Garnett

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Doc Rivers suggested that Jason Kidd isn’t playing KG and Pierce enough minutes

Los Angeles Clippers coach Doc Rivers would have loved to have Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett join him in L.A. but that was never going to happen after the NBA clearly stated they would nix any deal involving coach and players. There is no doubt that Rivers still has love for his former Boston Celtic warriors and hates to see them struggle in Brooklyn as members of the 6-14 Nets. And that is probably the reason Rivers disagrees with the growing sentiment that Garnett and Pierce have nothing left in the tank to give. Instead, Doc claims it is the way they are being used which is the real problem.

Via Bleacher Report/Howard Beck:

Rivers predicted that Pierce will play “another three years,” despite his early struggles.

“He can score anywhere,” Rivers said. “I think he was more uncomfortable with the short minutes that they were (playing him), like they did with Kevin. And that’s not Paul. Paul doesn’t work under those type of minutes—at least, in my opinion hedoesn’t. He’s a guy that needs a rhythm to play. In Kevin’s case, on a 20-minute restriction, of course his numbers are going to be down. So I think at some point, he probably is going to have to play more minutes to improve, so he can get a better rhythm himself.”

Brooklyn Nets coach Jason Kidd responded to Rivers notion of Garnett and Pierce not playing enough minutes and the first year coach may have a point.


For the sake of NBA fans, hopefully KG and Pierce don’t end their careers like this and can turn around their season.

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