Doc Rivers: Rondo Would Be A Great Coach If He Wasn’t Crazy

  • Mark Evans

As the Boston Celtics begin their playoff run without their star point guard Rajon Rondo, Doc Rivers is looking for ways to shuffle the roster in a way that might be able to minimize Rondo’s absence. As the team has learned, it’s difficult to ever replace a player like Rondo.

In their loss to the New York Knicks, Rondo was on the bench to support his teammates. When asked what it was like to have him on the bench, Doc Rivers had a bit of a funny response, and sort of a backhanded compliment.

I mean, I guess this is mostly a compliment, right?

Rondo has a high level basketball knowledge, which is part of what makes him such a good point guard. Of course, his attitude isn’t typically what you would expect out of a coach.

Doc Rivers probably sees a bit of himself in Rondo, a tough-minded, intense point guard. Rondo’s game has improved drastically under Rivers, and the team knows how valuable he really is.

Mark Evans, Assistant Manager/Editor of Content

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