Dr. J says that he’d pay to watch two players; Jordan not in his top five all-time

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Dr. J said he’d only pay to watch two NBA players

Today on ESPN’s First Take, Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith along with moderator Cari Champion, had a chance to sit down with NBA legend Julius Erving. Dr. J was asked about his top five players of all-time – which did not include Michael Jordan, Larry Bird or Magic Johnson. This conversation was followed by Erving telling Bayless and Smith that he would only pay to watch two NBA players ever.

The interview was very interesting as Dr. J gave his perspective on hoops and why he chose the players he did. Erving also talks about LeBron and how good going home can be. However, leaving His Airness out of the top five players of all-time should not happen under any circumstances! You’re better than that Dr. J!

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