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On January 30th, on or around 9:26PM the NBA had officially released the always anticipated NBA All Star Reserves. Each and every single player on the roster clearly is deserved of a NBA All Star spot on the team, unfortunately not including Phoenix Suns point guard Goran Dragic, who did not make the cut. In a very talented and not a joke Western Conference, along with a hand full of guards who can make up there own All Star team, Dragic entering his sixth NBA Season at age 27 has a small chance to be honored as a NBA All Star, but he was left off as the top 7 were announced.

“Incoming commissioner Adam Silver will have to name an injury replacement for Lakers guard Kobe Bryant, who was voted in as a starter by fans despite playing six games this season and being out hurt through the Feb. 16 All-Star Game.”

There are many reasons why Goran Dragic should have been a 2014 NBA All Star, Statistically here are just a few reasons why. Dragic is averaging nearly 20+ points a game, while throwing in more than 5 assists a game, most of these games happening when Dragic plays less than 25 minutes. Players like LeBron James and Kevin Durant are likely the only other ones who can pull that off. Dragic is a stat sheet stuffer. Whether he scores 20,25, or 30 Dragic throws in 7 assists or more, grabs rebounds and steals the ball, all of this happening while he shoots over 50% from the field in these games.

Currently as it stands in present day today. The number one player on the Phoenix Suns, who wears the jersey number one, is averaging 19.9 PPG, 3.4 Rebounds, 6.1 Assists. The Suns just finished a 4 game road trip, in which the Suns saw 4 victories in a row, Dragic, who played great handed out 27 assists and scored 97 points in 4 games. Wow. I forgot to mention, besides Bledsoe, and Ish Smith. Dragic is hands down almost unstoppable when he attacks the rim with the ball. 99% of the time, Dragic will finish with results or be fouled in the process.

In the end, Goran Dragic is a all around player who any team would be honored to have, a big focus this season, has been Goran’s health. He shows signs of Allen Iverson when he attacks the basket, hits the ground hard, and scores. All year long he has been beat up and continues to keep playing. Not even a tweak ankle, bruised elbow and a punished knee can stop Goran from running to the basket, and throwing his body into you to score. If your the last place 15-30 Sacramento Kings, or the back to back defending Champs, the 32-13 Miami Heat, Any and every single team wants a player like Goran Dragic.

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