Dwight Howard and Kobe Bryant argue in huddle and on the court!

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Dwight Howard and Kobe Bryant went at each other during their game against the Hornets!

Well it was just a matter of time right? We’ve all heard the rumors of Dwight Howard not being very fond of Kobe Bryant in the past. Well the build up of all the losing the Los Angeles Lakers have been doing and frustration of defensive breakdowns, finally came to fruition early in the first quarter of the Lakers game against the New Orleans Hornets. Howard has been complaining about the lack of defensive rotation which has allowed his man to score while he’s defending the rim. So after a hoop by the Hornets’ Robin Lopez, Howard had enough.

After the game Dwight had some more things to say on the confrontation.

“I don’t have a problem with saying anything to anybody, and it should be that way,” Howard said after the Lakers’ victory over New Orleans. “We have to be able to talk to each other. We’re a team. We’re a family. And the more chemistry we develop that way, the better we’ll be as a team.”

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7 Responses to Dwight Howard and Kobe Bryant argue in huddle and on the court!

  • Bryant plays zone while the other four players bust their buts trying to cover their man AND Bryan’s man.

  • Shaq couldn’t stomach Bryan’s selfishness, either.

  • All need to be said is, after 5 championships 2 MVP finales and 1 NBA MVP, Yes only
    one . but we all know that it not anymore what you do on the court, It’s about who like
    you are who you didn’t get mad. So stop hateing on the man that’s going to go down
    as the greatest LA LAKERS of all time!!!!

  • Not a good idea to make the Mamba mad. He will continue to play his game, his way, on his team. Nuff said.
    Practice your free throws, do your thing and leave Kobe alone.

  • Sometimes as team mates you disagree thats life. The last time I looked Kobe was a man like everyone else. Leave Kobe alone? Kobe is a womah eh – OH!! Dwight can express his view because he is a man just like Kobe. Some people are really crazy. You have to be silly if you think a person cannot express their view.

  • Kobe is NOT the best Laker of all time. What makes him that? The same number of rings as Magic? The not much better than Magic defense? They both won 5 rings. Magic won 3 MVP awards. And frankly, the 80s showtime teams were just better.

    Kobe has had a TON of talent come through LA over the last 6-7 years and he really hasn’t done much with it. He shoot the Lakers out of games, and his defense is unforgivable. The truth is, he could have been darn near as good as Jordan, but just didn’t have the drive. Jordan never stopped on defense. THAT is drive. Drive is not coming out expecting to take 35 shots no matter how they are falling.

    And frankly, we all know that if Shaq and Kobe were not on the same team in 2000-2002, the rings would have likely been won by Shaq and not Kobe. Shaq was in his prime and he was unstoppable. Kobe was his sidekick.

  • Even as a rookie, I never remember Magic Johnson being the “junior partner” like Kobe was his first 6-7 years in LA.

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