Dwight Howard Cried When He Met Kareem-Abdul Jabbar

  • Frank Santos

Now that the Dwightmare is over, it seems we may have shifted to the Dwight Chick-Flick. I guess being in Hollywood can have that affect on a newcomer. Apparently, when Dwight Howard met Laker legend Kareem-Abdul Jabbar yesterday, it brought him to tears.

If you don’t believe me, just check out his tweet:


He followed up the tweet with a picture of the two men:


Hopefully, Dwight and Kareem will get out of those street clothes, and hit the court together sometime soon because Howard could certainly use some of Kareem’s post-moves to add to his arsenal. After all, basketball season isn’t as far away as you’d think.

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25 Responses to Dwight Howard Cried When He Met Kareem-Abdul Jabbar

  • Where are all the comments? He cried? I can’t wait to read the comments. Careful what you wish for, you just might get it. The grass is always greener on the other side. The nightmare is just about to begin.

  • The nightmare will take shape around feb. when I league will be introduced to the real Lakers.

  • What’s wrong with a man admitting he cried? D12 was obviously overwhelmed with emotional excitement. It’s not everyday you meet a hall of fame guy in KAJ stature, much more so to sit down and chat. Basketball players are human too, they are big fams of the games legends.

  • So he cries now? Wasnt this the same somewhat questionable human who first got his coach fired then killed his team and then ran away saying I wasn’t me?

  • The big fella cried, goes to show how much love and respect he has for the game of Basketball and the NBA, unlike Bynum! D-12!

  • Save some of that crying for when you meet the Celtics in the finals.

    • We’re moving forward here John Sanders… not backwards. The only way that your Celdicks are gonna meet us in the finals is if we turn back the hands of time! You guys had your past, but no present nor future. So, keep replaying those black and white film reels of the Celdicks glory of old. You know, when the Converse All Stars were all the rage and standard on the court! Cause the only thing that you’ll see being raised on your rafters are the retired numbers of Gay G and Paul Pierced (by Kobe’s daggers)!

      • WOW …. Sketch.. ummmm last time buddy the Celts saw the Lakers.. Kobe was fuming.. Pau Gasol was still soft and Ummmm Meta Wrld wasn’t so Peaceful. Im Celtics fan.. and all I have to say is get past OKC. then talk. D12 is awesome, but the Lakers still arent the same team..

  • I’m a diehard Celtics fan but I might cry too if I meet Kareem, he might be the best center of all time. That man could play, when he got the ball you were in trouble, I still love watching his post move highlights.

    • That’s proper respect! I felt the same way every time that Bird raised his hands up for a shot. Hated him, but that boy can ball!

      • Stfu first you were dissing the Celtics now you are praising them? Seriously, be a hater or be a hater that’s what you lakers fans are good at.

  • Exactly dice8up and RJ! The world will see the newly revamped Lakers and they will be an incredible nightmare for the rest of the league! And as far as with superman crying… that only shows his respet for the greatest center of all time in JAJ33!

    Orlandonext, don’t worry, you’ll soon know what it is to cry in a few months when your Magic won’t conjure up an illusion of anything close to a contending team with a winning record! Plus, “next” in your name? What are you… the WNBA? You got “next”? Just shut your trap until it’s time for you to CRY!

    And freedubay… your comments make no F’n sense! Who should be careful of what they wish for? Kareem? Dwight? You? WTF!?! Learn to put a thought together! You don’t even have a clear subject matter in your statement! The article doesn’t mention anything about any wishes, so you can’t just drop that in there and expect people to decipher your stupid taliban words!

    • Sad you just don’t get sarcasm. Threatening people? That is all you can give crying and a shot at a pseudonym? Are you able to string a sentence together without the use of profanity? Sorry, I can loan you a thesaurus you over achiever.

      The point here is this sad excuse for a human ( sorry basketball player.. humanity and ball are seperate issues) is a selfish “unprintable” similar to carmelo anthony destroying teams, coaches and fan bases only tending to their overextended overpaid and unwarranted egos.

  • It seems that the haters and naysayer are the ones crying. Real men do get emotional and cry…

    • Yes however not based on the fact that “ooh bonehead must change image”
      “must cry and tweet now” Hmm seems like the Krdashian (or however you spell those things) method is paying off

  • He better win that ring in LA.

  • I get Dwight plays like a 7-footer as the best big man in basketball now but standing next to KAJ who is 7’2″ he is 5 inches shorter that KAJ which would make him 6’9″ at best. KAJ at 60 years old is probably 7’0″ now. Howard is amazing at the center position but I didn’t know he wasn’t that big. But his physical talents make up for it.

  • The Guy who said be careful what you wise for is 100% right. Dwight your nightmare has not started yet.

  • Dwight Howard is supposedly 7’ tall and Kareem 7’2”. Someone’s measurements are wrong because Kareem is towering over Dwight by last minimum 4-5 inches.

  • Media hype again! Pathetic enquirer type headline!
    Trying to get more readership, D said he teared up they call it Crying like a baby, moist eyes and crying are not the same, Idiotic it like screamimg FIRE just to get attentionm anywhere else theyd go to jail

  • Kareem makes Dwight look like he is 6’8″.

  • Howard is listed at 6’10″… so the height differences in the photo is correct as KAJ is 7’2″, a good 4 inches taller than Howard.

  • Wow, is there a huge difference between 6’10” and 7’2″! Kareem’s arms are so much longer than Howard’s, too.

    Howard, of course, lets his emotions get in the way of his game which is not all that developed to begin with. Fortunately, this lineup has veteran leadership and plenty of scoring which allows Howard to rebound and play defense. Now, if he can just stay out of foul trouble…


  • Exactly @Andy C. We have been clamoring for Bynum to show the kind of tenacity and emotional appreciation of what he’s got in LA, but he just didn’t get it.

    Good Luck to him in Philly.

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