Dwight Howard declined the dunk contest because of his age

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Dwight Howard turned down a chance to compete in this year’s dunk contest

Houston Rockets center Dwight Howard was invited to participate in the this year’s dunk contest in New Orleans, but politely declined. Back in 2008, Howard put on a great show for the New Orleans crowd, defeating Gerald Green while sporting a Superman cape. But Howard, now 28 years old, cited that his age will be the deciding factor for him not participating in this year’s dunk contest.

Via Jonathan Feigen/Houston Chronicle:

Howard, who won the 2008 dunk contest at New Orleans Arena, said the NBA invited him to dunk again this season in New Orleans, but he declined.

“Couldn’t do it,” Howard said.

Howard, 28, said he would participate again, “If I wasn’t so old. I’m getting up there in age, man, I tell you. I got a lot of years.”

Dwight said he thought about doing the dunk contest again because of the great experience he had winning it the first time in New Orleans. But even at just 28 years old, Howard has experienced his share of injuries and just had back surgery before the start of last season. Although still athletic, Howard isn’t nearly the freak of nature he use to be. It would have been great for the fans to see Howard come back and compete in the dunk contest, but unfortunately Father Time has caught up to Dwight’s dunking prowess.

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  • We don’t blame Dwight Howard for skipping it out. It’s the players that haven’t participated even once for the dunking contest. LeBron, Durant.. etc. All these excuses, it’s annoying.

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