Dwight Howard followed Stan Van Gundy’s advice in choosing Houston?

  • Jason Whitney

Did Dwight Howard follow Stan Van Gundy’s advice?

Whoa, wait a minute! These guys still talk? Apparently, Dwight Howard was told by Stan Van Gundy to go to Houston. Even though Howard is a mega diva with a bad back, he had plenty of teams interested in his services and many couldn’t fathom Howard leaving millions of dollars on the table for Houston. But that’s exactly what he did and possibly one of the reasons for choosing Houston, is very surprising.


Who knows if this helped make up Howard’s mind. However, it is interesting that his old coach, who he had a rocky at best relationship with, would give him advice in fleeing for yet another team. But hey, it’s Dwight, I’m sure he changed his mind 700 times before choosing Houston.

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