Dwyane Wade: ‘I’d Rather See LeBron Guard Durant than Deshawn Stevenson’

  • Frank Santos

We have heard all of the hype over the last couple of days about this year’s NBA Finals: LeBron James vs. Kevin Durant. That is the match up we are all waiting for tonight, and for good reason. We are talking about two of the greatest players we may ever have the pleasure of seeing in our lifetime. Apparently, it is not just us fans that are intrigued by the two squaring off.

LeBron’s all-star teammate and partner in crime, Dwyane Wade says he is happy James will be defending Durant,citing that having to defend KD will keep LeBron more focused during the game as opposed to guarding someone like Deshawn Stevenson as he did last year: “I’d rather for him to be guarding Kevin Durant than to have to guard DeShawn Stevenson or Shawn Marion like last year where he wasn’t as involved”

It’s a very interesting point by Wade, and a factor I never really considered in terms of what went wrong last year, though that should be a minimal factor at best. I would also be curious how Coach Spo feels about Wade tipping the Heat’s hand a little bit, or if Wade is simply playing the sportsmanship card with the media. I have a feeling Durant will see just as much of Shane Battier as he will of James this series.

One thing I do know is that I will be watching every second to find out, and so should you.

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