Dwyane Wade sells sitcom to Fox

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Anyone who has kept track of the NBA, or sports in general, over the past decade, knows the name Dwyane Wade. The three-time NBA Champion has been one of the association’s brightest stars since entering the league in 2003.

Now, people who don’t pay attention to basketball, or sports at all, may have a chance to get to know the life of Wade a little bit better. D-Wade sold a sitcom to Fox titled “Three the Hard Way”, which is based on his life on the court, and outside of the game.

The plot closely follows Wade’s actual life according to Brian Windhorst of ESPN:

The show is described as Wade and “his entourage of eccentric friends, find themselves parenting by committee, when he gets full custody of his two young sons. It’s a recipe made for disaster, but no matter how misinformed, misguided, or unfit Team Wade may be, they have a trump card that can’t lose. It’s called love.”

Wade is doing things the right way. His athleticism has slipped in recent years, and I guess you never know when your basketball shelf life has expired until it’s too late. Making plans for the future seems like a respectable and intelligent move. We’ve all witnessed the downfall of great sports figures. Even Allen Iverson has been rumored to be broke. If you would have told me that a decade ago, I would have called you an idiot.

Wade’s play to reinforce his financial future for himself and his family seems like a move we don’t see young men make often enough. I applaud Wade’s business savvy.


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