Dwyane Wade unsure if LeBron James can surpass Michael Jordan

  • Andy Flint

The NBA is obsessed with comparing players to Michael Jordan. MJ was a special player and nobody will probably ever be the same. We tried with Grant Hill, Kobe Bryant and even Vince Carter, and now we’re endlessly trying to make a connection between LeBron and His Airness.

Even LeBron’s closest pal and teammate with the Miami Heat, Dwyane Wade, is tossing his two cents into the well. Wade says that he is unsure if LeBron can surpass Michael.

“I think everyone knows that (James) is a phenomenal, phenomenal player .He’s one that we haven’t seen, with the makeup of a 6-8 guy who runs as fast as any point guard, jumps as high as any center, and has the ability that he has to do so many things. Wade Said. But Michael Jordan is the greatest player of all time, that’s who everyone shoots for. So it’s going to be hard to surpass that.”

The biggest issue I have with this is why do we always have to go to Michael Jordan with everything in basketball? Look, I get it. He’s the best to ever do it, but circumstances were different and comparing eras rarely gets you anywhere. Can’t we just accept the greatness that is LeBron James without drawing the Jordan comparisons?

Wade went on to throw in a golf reference, which I’m sure makes Michael smile when he reads these already flattering comments by Wade.

“I don’t know if (James) has the ability to surpass (Jordan) or not,” Wade told ESPNChicago.com on Thursday during a promotional event for his Wade’s World Foundation. “That’s yet to be seen. My version as LeBron being on par with Michael is this: They’re both on the golf course. Michael’s on the 18th hole. LeBron is somewhere on like the fourth hole. He’s got a long way to go, but he’s on par to get to the 18th hole.

It is a pretty sound analogy. My beef with all of Wade’s comments is simple… why poke the bear if the bear is the reason you have your second ring, and the reason you’ll get a third or forth, or even fifth ring? Wade probably should have just declined comment and went on with his day. There’s no reason to go out of your way with the potential to cause a problem with your own teammate, right?

“If you’re a team that’s lucky enough not to have major injuries along your run, then it can possibly be,” Wade said. “But you never know that until it’s over. As a Chicago Bulls fan, when they won their first championship, I didn’t say, ‘We’re going to win five more.’ You just hope that your team continues to compete and they get in that situation that they’re good enough to pull it out and are able to win.”

 “So right now, we won one and that’s a lot more than a lot of teams have done in the past, but it’s a lot less than (other teams) as well. We just want to continue to get better and hopefully we’re there again in the Finals to try and win another one.”

I expect to see LeBron and Wade in the finals again next spring, and I expect LeBron to be in the thick of the league’s MVP race once again. The sky is the limit for LeBron James and I feel like he’s just scratched the surface.

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66 Responses to Dwyane Wade unsure if LeBron James can surpass Michael Jordan

  • I have seen so many players in my time that i agree the greatest is Micheal Jordan but there are a whole lost of players that are just right unde him. One of them is King james but his still has not reach his potiental. Wade is also a special player for what he has done in on and off the feld.

    • You mean,La Queen Jane ,don”t you?This glorified wannabe will be to old to even get close to what MJ and the real KING KOBE have done and continue to do.Quit bragging on a wannabe that likes himself more than anything.He just has to look at his ugly mug after every hail mary shot he makes.

      • Grown up. Lebron is a great player. You must be one of the hurt can’t get over the fact that he decided to leave that terrible place you call home. Great is Great…How you feel about him has nothing to do with his greatness.

      • You are a fool, first off he is younger then Jordan when he won his first title, a wannabe!!! REALLY!!! He never claimed to be like MJ, the media did!!! His stats this year in the playoffs were better then and of MJ’s and Kobe’s. Get your head out of your ass!!

        • no this guy know what he is talking about ! The other guy dissing on James should stick to NBA JAM!FOOL!

        • By looking at the picture La Queen Jane holding the trophy that was handed to them,I wonder how long he slept with a basketball so when he got his first trophy,he could look like MJ?He is such a copy-cat with the powder throwing,now holding the trophy,wanting to be like MJ.In all the 9yrs he has been in the league,he can”t and never will be able to carry MJ”s,jockey strap.First he has to surpass,THE KING KOBE!!

        • Not1,Not2,Not3,but 7NBA titles when he skipped out with Snoopy Dog and Cry-baby Wade.The 3 Amigos had their first and last hurrah in Miami.Their one and only title.

        • Great reply Danny!!U can only judge a player by wat he or she accomplishes, having said that it’s a bit premature 2 compare LBJ 2 MJ ,because he’s still playing! With dis watered down ,specialized NBA Lebron could surpass wat MJ did ! Does that make him a better player?No it don’t.Let’s see how da rest of his career plays out!! Personally MJ (Magic Johnson is da greatest. 12yrs.in da NBA,9xs in da Finals,5 chips!!!Nuff Said!!!)

      • This person must be from Ohio Lebron is the best going right now ty Ohio

      • King who (Kobe)? Really!! Kobe has never won a ring on his own. First was Shaquille the MVP for his first three rings. Against Celtics he got bailed out by Artest touch and Derek Fisher three points. Kobe’s game 7 performance could not be worse 6-24, wow.

        • and lebron did it on his own?? dude has dwade and bosh.. oh wait i guess they are garbage.

        • Kobe is the second greatest player of all time right under Mike, Kobe is the closest thing to MJ, are you blind. As for Lebron he left Cleveland to go to Wades team, he knew he couldnt lead his team, Kobe did twice without Shaq. ( Kobe) Thats Who!

    • court*

  • Its ludacris for everyone to compare MJ with other players…theres no point. He was the greatest to ever play end of story. The comparisons need to be made by players of today.

  • I do not agree with Wade. First, I have never placed Michael Jordan as the all time best basketball player ever. That honor goes to Wilt Chamberlain. Second, I feel that LeBron James can overtake Michael in most of the categories. Whether he can overtake Wilt is questionable, especially since we comparing apples and oranges. They’re all great!

  • Lebron is a great player.But MJ was the best ever

  • How can people still want to call this wannabe ,King .when in 9yrs he still has”nt done anything?The Heat won the NBA title with help(BIG TIME)La Queen Jane has 3mvp(in Small letters)with help.He will never match up to the King Kobe or MJ.Quit trying to build this wannabe up until he actually wins 5or6 NBA titles without help.It will be a while before he gets #2 because age will catch up with him before he gets #2.

    • LWhile developing his basketball skilss LBJ had already seen superior players like Michael Jordan, Kobe Byant, Magic Johnson, and Larry Bird.. Michael Jordan learned from lesser quality players and created a legend in himself. That’s the difference between the two.

    • bc mj didnt have help from pippin or rodman both hall of famers oh and kobe did it all by his self too right?

    • There is no “I” in team. Even MJ needed his TEAM to win every one of his titles. He didn’t win by himself. MJ was great in his era and so is LBJ in his. Let LBJ enjoy his NBA title win, MVP title, and Olympic Gold Medal for 2012. MJ did it and so did LBJ. LeBron is one of our best in the league TODAY. Who cares if he is better or just as good as MJ or not. Can you match his skills? Didn’t think so! Stop hating! GIVE THAT MAN SOME RESPECT!!!

    • why does he have to win any more champonships, stockton never won any nor did Steve Nash yet they are considered all time greats. Man you dont like basketball because you dont respect it, you are clueless. You actually sound like a child.

  • sounds like a cleveland fan

    • I heard through the grapevine that La Queen Jane contacted his grand-pa,Odem,ex-Portland,to join the Heat so they can have a 7ft in the lineup to block for La Queen Jane.

  • I am not sure what criteria everyone is using to call Michael Jordan the best ever. It cannot be number of championships. Bill Russell has 11, almost twice as many as Michael Jordan. Robert Horry has 7, 1 more than MJ, It cannot be MVP’S (season/finals), there are comparable great players with just as many or very close in number. It cannot be number of scoring titles. It cannot be his overall accomplishments on the court (i.e. games won, winning %, career numbers, games played, minutes played, most finals appearances, et. al.). Someone should come up with a consensus definition of greatest player ever. (More likely Michael Jordan is the greatest player that almost never was. Cut from high school varsity team, Doug Collins before Phil Jackson). Until there is a consensus definition of greatest to EVER play the game. Wilton Norman Chamberlain is by far and away the best basketball player and greatest to ever play the game. My current criteria. He started late. (Harlem Globetrotters before NBA). Left early, only 14 seasons in the NBA, and adjusted his offensive game to win an NBA title (His 2nd), with the Los Angeles Lakers. Minute for minute played no one who has ever played basketball, before or since can match what he actually did ON THE COURT (which is what matters; my subjective opinion of course). Because unlike some people, I believe MJ is a great basketball player whether he won zero or 12 NBA titles. MJ is still as great a PLAYER, even without the championships or any other subjective/objective accolades. Ask anyone who has played with or against him. Too much emphasis is put on titles. Karl Malone is a great player as is Hakeem Olajuwon. But neither won a title while MJ was playing. Hakeem was fortunate; Malone, D. Wilkins, Barkley, Ewing, Mourning, Miller, etc. were not. Compare the first 14 years of every great player to Chamberlain’s only 14 years. I think the numbers will show who the greatest of all time was/is. Oscar Robertson averaged a triple double for a whole season, and career numbers are just short of triple double average. Elgin Baylor average 35 points and 20 rebounds a game for a whole season, and his career averages (combined), are surpassed only by Wilt Chamberlain in those areas. So, just like a political system, I will agree with a consensus definition on what “Best Ever” means, and use that criteria to determine the best. Until then it is all opinion based on more subjective/personal criteria than objective/empirical data. All subjective critical responses will be treated as such. Trust me, I will dismantle all of them. So try to be objective with your response; that, I can respect more than any emotional, subjective response. Again the championship criteria has too much emphasis. Bill Russell won 7 of his titles against Jerry West’s Lakers teams. With no Bill Russell, all of a sudden it would be Jerry West 8 NBA Titles, versus, MJ’s 6. My point, timing is everything. Michael vs Shaq and Kobe would have been an interesting finals match. Think about it. I know, Phil cannot coach 2 teams at once. See my point. What factors are really relevant about a player’s greatness, and what are just subjective feelings/points of view? Remember, no titles for MJ before Phil became Head Coach. or Scottie Pipen, or Dennis Rodman. How do those factors figure in the equation. I did not say it would be easy. I just said the criteria are too subjective.

    • You’re correct. It’s none of those things. It has to do with likability. Even Stern help him to land good positions after his NBA playing time. It’s likability-not his playing greatness. Let’s face it, MJ was a great player. So were many others. What MJ had was the ability to charm reporters and they wrote good things about him. Wilt Chamberlain turned off reporters and they (reporters) found reasons to criticize him. When all of the reporters are saying you’re the greatest, others will follow and become an advocate of the reporters’ position. It’s likability.

    • Well you take into consideration that MJ was a beast on offence and defence, and (10) scoring titles and six championships with six mvp’s from those championships. Lebron is a great player but he doesnt have what MJ has and thats called HEART. MJ is truly the G.O.A.T. and he the gold standard of Pro Basketball.

    • Jordan is six for six with six NBA finals MVP and no game seven’s in the NBA finals. This is why he is the Greatest of all-time. When people go to the stores to by tennis shoes. It is the Jordans not Kobe, not Lebron, etc. Jordan name is a driving force in the basketball culture. Nobody is running to the stores by Wilt, Oscar, or anybody else you want to name shoes. Jordan is more than just the Greatest he is an ICON.

    • Jerry West with 8 titles? Don’t think you know your facts.

  • Most people have never seen Wilt Chamberlain, Bill Russell, or Oscar Robinson play basketball. They think MJ is the greatest because he was the greatest in their lifetime! The comparisons are always going to be made by biased fans, whoever was best in their lifetime is the greatest of all time! LOL!

  • Woah everyone we got us a philosopher over here

  • To me the important thing and the reason why James will never surpass Jordan. Is Jordan took the Bulls from nothing to Championships, James bailed out of Cleveland and took the easy way out PERIOD! Jordan won 3 Championships 2 times and not always with the same support cast of players. Unreal! Jordan help build those teams both on and off the court. James took the easy way out. He has no charter no leadership ability and no passion for basketball. Jordan had passion that James can only dream of. James has never built a team because he can no lead. The only thing he has going is his god given talent, nothing else is there. Jordan built those teams James constructed the team in Miami. There is a big difference in both charter and talent!

  • Bill Russell is the best player ever. Bill Russell won ELEVEN NBA CHAMPIONSHIPS. That is FIVE MORE than Michael Jordan.

    People forget how good Bill Russell was. When he left the Boston Celtics after his last championship, Boston was the worse team in the league the following year. When Michael Jordan left the Bulls to play baseball, Chicago still went to the NBA championship the next year. The difference shows how great Bill Russell was.

  • What Wade forgot to mention was that the Heat got a lot of help,and everybody knows from who,for them to get(not win)their first title.Ever since La Queen Jane has been in the league he has been treated with kids gloves.He came out of high-school as a glorified player.I believe at the age of 21yrs or older.And in my opinion he is still a glorified,wannabe player.

    • Name-calling is a sign of your lack of credibility. How can we take you seriously if you call Lebron James, “La Queen Jane”? That’s not even junior high school. It is elementary school. C’mon man! If you want to make a serious point, stop being childish.

      The professional basketball players that were beaten by the Heat can admit they lost to a better team. Why can’t you admit it? Every team complains about the referees. Magic Johnson had a specific scowl reserved for “bad” calls. That didn’t stop him from winning titles.

      Professionals don’t blame everything bad that happens to them on others. They adapt and overcome – or at least spend their careers trying to do so.

  • Lets just be real. The NBA today and the NBA of passed eras cannot be compared. MJ IS considered the best because of many factors. He was the greatest player IMO. Why? His skills, ability to take over a game, clutch shots, ability to make others around him greater players. Its like he was on cruise control. He at any given time could do anything on the court he wanted. 50 points? 75 points? 100 points? Could have easily done than with no problems. Its not just his on court skills that make a player great. He has class. He wasnt a “thug” as so many players today are. MJ played in what is arguably the best ERA of NBA EVER. Look at all the REAL talent from the 90’s. Jordan, Bird, Thomas, Ewing, Miller, Malone, Stockton, Wilkins,Johnson, Morning, Kemp, Webber, I can go on and on about real talent from that era. LB is great no doubt about it, BUT where is the rest of the NBA NOW? The talent isnt as great, or as competitive as it was when MJ was Playing. Put as much talent as there was during the 80’s or 90’s in the NBA now and see where LB stands. Simply put, IT cant be compared. The talent and the game were different then.

  • Steve you are a hater and your comments have no merit because of this. Everyone who reads your posts know this and disregard your emotional rants.

    • Not hate.Just stating facts.Look at the score sheets for the last 2yrs in the playoffs and see for yourself.Stats don”t lie.The Heat got plenty of help from extras that were on the floor and La Queen Jane was and is treated with kids gloves.

  • Im glad im not alone in this whole “What makes Jordan the greatest” craziness. He was a beast no doubt but he Did Learn From And Idolize Dr. J, hence the freethrow line dunk. And like someone said he stopped great players from winning but on the flipside Jordan didn’t win a title until Magic(my opinion of greatest) and bird were heading out. Why should they play 2nd fiddle to a guy They dominated? Just sayin.

    • Magic has said he thinks Jordan was the greatest. You evaluated Michael’s talent when they were on the floor together. Magic knows what extremes the Lakers had to go through for years to corral Jordan – when Jordan had insufficient help. The Lakers were still a good team when the Bulls beat them. The Bulls were just better that year. Riley versus Jackson! Classic!

  • Another thing… We will win title this year and kobe will tie Jordan. That means kobe will have gotten his 6th ring at a younger age. Wow.

    • There all great players to me. They all have there own specials.

    • The one thing that sickens me the most when comparing Jordan to Kobe and Lebron is when people say they are doing it younger. Of course their doing it younger because they both skipped college. Hello??? Jordan has a NCAA title do either of them? Plus Jordan retired twice came back in his 30’s dominated the league winning 3 more scoring titles, 3 finals MVP, 2 NBA MVP and 2 All-star MVP and 3 Chamionships in a row all in his late 30s. And if you want to compare stats why does Jordan have the higest career scoring average of ALL_TIME? Wilt averaged 50 a game for a season, wow what a team player and he DIDNT EVEN WIN A CHAMIONSHIP THAT YEAR!. Jordan played the same amount of years as Wilt and has a higher scoring average, higer Final average and more titles. Plus in his 30s he was the ONLY player EVER to win a All-Star MVP, Leage MVP, Finals MVP and Scoring title and Championship all in one year and since everyone is stuck on triple doubles why is Jordan the ONLY one to get one in a All Star game all in his late 30s. Wilt has to glorify his own name by saying he slept with over 10,000 woman, does MJ talk like that? No! Mj has class and heart. JOrdan played in the era when the big man dominated and who did Jordan have? Bill Cartright and Luc Longley and still won 6 titles. Yeah maybe when all said and done Kobe and Lebron may have more points but KObe has been in the league for 16 years and Lebron for 9. Plus someone said Lebron won a title in shorter time then MJ, well Jordan won his 1st in 7 years and lebron in 9. Lets not forget that JOradn plyed second fiddle on the Wizards and lost an entire year with a broken foot in the 80’s. In order for both players to have more tiles than Jordan they would have to play ALOT more years. Do you really think if Jordan didnt retire in 94-95 that he wouldnt have won both those years. The Bulls would have destroyed Houston. Jordan is the greatest of all time period!

  • Lets not forget, Kobe, had great players around him his whole career. he wouldnt have a championship without shaq. same without bynum and gasol. lebron finally is on a high caliber team. i expect more championships for him. more mvp awards as well. He started young too so barring injury, he should pass jordan on alot of his stats. he is a defensive machine. and possibly better than jordan. Give lebron 6 more years and we’ll see how close the comparison is. and for the record im not a heat or lebron fan, but just a small market san antonio spurs fan. But i see excellence when i see it.

  • The writer is trying too hard to make a story out of nothing. In Fox Sport the Headline is “Wade doubts Lebron can match Jordan?” From the article Wade never said that. Wade’s quote was “But Michael Jordan is the greatest player of all time, that’s who everyone shoots for. So it’s going to be hard to surpass that.” I think that’s a fact.

    When you come in to the article the Headline is “Dwayne Wade unsure if Lebron can surpass Michael Jordan.” So? The only sure thing in life is death. Thas is also a fact.

    A reporter asked Wade for his opinion and he answered with facts without putting down or insulting his teammate Lebron.

  • Why do we need these comparisons while LeBron is still playing? Michael is the best all around player we’ve seen but on a strickly skills match there are 3 or 4 at least in that same grouping, LeBron being one of them. And don’t leave out Magic or Oscar. Different eras and different teams so hard to really compare. What, in my view, set Michael apart was his drive and toughness. He was a basketball “hit-man” showing no mercy. A throw back player in the mold of Wilt and Russell.

  • Get your facts straight. MJ had 3 rings before Rodman came on board. I believe LBJ has greater physical skills but overall I go with MJ because regardless of the NBA current players, I think MJ’s era was much more competitive. Almost every team had 2 or 3 legitimate all stars and or above average players. I don’t see that in today’s NBA. You simply cannot compare today’s top ten player with the top ten players of the 80’s and 90’s.

  • There all great players. Every body has there own special.

  • Wade is correct Lebron is the baddest dude in the game right now but you can not compare him to the greatest player ever MJ stats are crazy I dont think there will ever be another guard to win the MVP the defensive player of the year in the same year.Very hard to win 6 champions ships with out losin any he had help with Pippen there still He simply the best ever.

  • it’s time people stop comparing james to mj and start comparing him to magic instead…it just makes more sense.

  • These players, Wilt, Jordan, Lebron they are all great players who played in different eras of basketball.
    In Wilt’s era he was a physical specimen that no other player could match up with. there have been countless giants since than that could have mached up with him very well. Wilt would not have faired so well if he would have played in the 1990’s.
    Jordan was again a physical specimen but this generation of ball players could more easily match up with him.
    Lebron is again that special player that people cannot match up with.

    People can compare all they want but the answer lies in the fact that you can only compare a player with his current competition.

  • You’re ALL wrong. The greatest to ever play basketball is that one dog in the movie Air Bud. Steven Seagal’s ponytail and Chuck Norris’ evil stare comes to a close second as being the greatest…get all of your facts straight :)

  • LeBron for me is the best right now! But comparing him to MJ,no way guys!!!

  • All you MJ supporters are forgetting the ref’s called a foul on anyone who got within 3 feet of MJ

  • Michael Jordan is great – Yes! Absolutely…But, so is Lebron and we as basketball fans must stop comparing greatness with championships! Darryl Dawkins, Dominique Wilkins, Shawn Kemp were also great! But they don’t have rings. The point is Lebron is the most vilified (great) player I have ever seen, becasue he decided that he didn’t want to play on a losing team anymore.
    Give credit where credit is do, will he surpass Jordan? – who knows. But, I know he is one of the greatest to play this game right now and his potential is endless. So let Mike be Mike and let LeBron do him. Give this man a break and let him enjoy his 1st championship, becasue he really doen’t care what anyone thinks anyway, becasue if he did he would still be wearing a Cleveland uniform…

  • wonder if he’s sayn that bc he’s got money coming in from endorsments with air jordan??

  • lebron will never be the shooter that jordan was and LBJ is a SF and MJ is a SG lebron is bigger than jordan so of course he will get more rebounds but, on scoring and on D lebron doesnt even compare to jordan, kobe is no doubt the second jordan

  • There is alot of ppl you can compare to MJ but clearly MJ is the greatest all around player of all time. Kobe great, Lebron Great, but with out a supporting cast these players cant reach that potential. Dwade is a nice all around player that deserves more respect, look what he did b4 lb era. When you have to carry a team without help and perform the way he did You deserve more credibility as a great. A ring without lb dont forget. SO if lb do get 10 more rings wade would have 11 if they remain teammates. When its all said and done MICHEAL JORDAN the best all around period!!!!!!!!!!!!

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