Former Bucks All-Star Michael Redd Is Retiring

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After 12 seasons, one All-Star appearance,  and one Olympic Gold Medal, former Bucks shooting guard Michael Redd is deciding to retire. He will make his announcement on Wednesday during the Bucks’ home game against the Cavaliers.  During his career, Redd was one of the best shooting guards in the NBA, averaging 19 points per game during his career, including one season (2005-06)  in which he averaged 25.4 points per game over the course of 80 games.

The problem for Michael Redd was health. After that season, the injuries started to pile up, including the tearing of his ACL in January of 2009. After his incredible 05-06 season, the amount of basketball he was able to play greatly dropped off (53 games in 06-07; 72 games in 07-08; 33 games in 08-09; 18 games in 09-10; and just 10 games in 10-11). He did manage to play 51 games last year for the Suns, but at that point he was only a mere shell of his former self, playing just 15 minutes per game and only averaging a shade over 8 points per game.

Even though it has been many years since Michael Redd was at his explosive all-star level, he will be remembered for his incredible outside shooting and ability to score the basketball. Bucks fans will especially remember him fondly since not many great players have chosen to stick out their whole careers in Milwaukee. Given that he was so loyal to the franchise and finished 4th all-time on their scoring list, it is almost a foregone conclusion that his number 22 will someday hang from the rafters in Milwaukee.

What of course is somewhat sad to think about, is what type of career would he have had if hadn’t had all the injuries. This question won’t be able to be answered, but it does seem possible that had the injuries not come, Redd would be on his way to the hall of fame, and perhaps the Bucks would have enjoyed some more consistent success as one of the premiere teams of the Eastern Conference. But rather than dwelling on the past and the “what-ifs” I would like to congratulate Michael Redd on a great career and wish him good luck in his post basketball career.

Click here to watch Michael Redd torch the Jazz for 57 points (42 2nd half points) back in 2006

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