Former Dallas Mavericks dancer allegedly involved in shooting spree

  • Andy Flint


Former Dallas Mavericks dancer of the all-fat-male Maniaacs dance team, Erbie “E-Luv” Bowser, was reportedly involved in a shooting spree on Wednesday night, in which Bowser allegedly killed four people and injured others. E-Luv reportedly entered his ex-girlfriend’s apartment in Dallas late Wednesday night and opened fire, killing two people, and leaving others injured.

Bowser then drove to DeSoto, Texas, where he targeted the home of his ex-wife. Bowser tossed in a grenade, waited for it to explode, and then entered the premises, unloading a Scarface like barrage, killing two more people, and injuring another two.

Talk about being the ex of the wrong guy. Bowser is ex-Army , and even attempted to play victim as police arrived on the scene at his ex-wife’s home. It was later determined that He (Bowser) was the assailant, rather than a victim, as he had no injuries.

This is just the kind of crazy I was hoping to not read about this morning. Thoughts and prayers to the victims and their families.

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