Former Woodson Assistant Questions Knicks Management

  • Mark Evans
credit: Associated Press

credit: Associated Press

Mike Woodson was recently fired by the New York Knicks, along with his entire coaching staff. This was hardly a surprise, and many expected this to be done a long time ago. The Knicks had a very rough season, and Woodson paid the price.

Regardless of your opinion on Mike Woodson, you have to acknowledge that there are more problems in the Knicks organization. Everything is dysfunctional, and it all starts with the owner, James Dolan. Woodson certainly found this out, and so did his staff. Now, via the NY Daily News, one of Woodson’s former assistants is speaking out.

“This place is crazy,” one of Woodson’s former assistants said on the final day of the regular season. “Their way of doing things around here will never work.”

We don’t know exactly who this is, but he’s right.

A lot needs to change within the Knicks organization to make real progress, or else this year will become more of a trend. This has to be something Carmelo Anthony is thinking about; will the dysfunction ever stop? Even if there are signs that it will, is it worth risking when there are plenty of other NBA franchises in need of a star?


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