Frank Isola rants about Mike Woodson on Twitter

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New York Daily News writer and occasional guest of ESPN’s Around the Horn, Frank Isola, has epic Twitter meltdown about New York Knickerbockers’ head coach, Mike Woodson.

Isola’s rant begins around 3:00 pm on Thursday afternoon, when he quotes something Woodson said on ESPN FM.

But he doesn’t stop there (he’s actually still going right now as I type this). Isola continues to attack Woodson, claiming that he’s lost the Knicks’ locker room.

And then the rant just continues to go in many different directions. Isola is apparently not very fond of Mike Woodson.



This is the point where Isola starts to play the guessing game. He’s now assumed the position of Michael Jordan, stating something along the lines of Michael Jordan would trade his roster in Charlotte, for the current Knicks’ roster. I find it to be particularly hilarious that Isola would imagine that he could possibly know what Michael Jordan is thinking. Personally, I’d keep the Bobcats’ roster.

The point Isola seems to be missing is that the Knicks don’t have a very good team. Carmelo can be a killer, but he can also kill the flow of a game. Tyson Chandler has missed 20+ games this season, and doesn’t look quite like himself. Amar’e has been banged up (and lost 85% of his talent). Raymond Felton is a shell of his former self. Iman Shumpert is STILL underachieving, and collectively, their defense is non-existent.


I’ve never been a big fan of Mike Woodson, but these claims that the Knicks should be good are a little far-fetched.


Look, I respect Frank as a journalist/reporter/basketball analyst, but a lot of what he’s saying on this rant reminds me of a scorned fan. He sounds like a guy who’s pissed because his favorite team is losing. He’s found somebody to pay for their losing ways, and that person is Mike Woodson.

The rant seems to end there, but lasted roughly 30 minutes. It was mildly entertaining, but mostly psychotic.

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3 Responses to Frank Isola rants about Mike Woodson on Twitter

  • Frank is absolutely right… watch the knicks vs sixers game to see what every fan talks about….I truly believe woodson is the problem and u really would take the roster if the bobcats? Ur kidding right? Hes ryt about the bulls also… and u do know we are 0-5 since chandler csmeback…stop making excuses for the guy…I cannot belirve u guys cover or have any opinions about bball seriously

  • just in case nobody notice,it is not the coach it the ugly team, when the team are down ,an playiny without melo,they go up leave it on the floor,melo come back hold the ball shoot to many and he is very self with the ball,in case nobody notice on one want to come to new york an play with him huh,take the dunk from tyson what left, the guy cannot hit a shot close ranger,bottom line we needed a good point guard.the second string guard are better than raymond,trade jr their your trouble in locker room,play the guy on the bench,last hold each play for how they play

  • it is time to make a change JR bad karma MIKE got to go DOLAN most stay away of recruiting specially if they loss one more game at MSG

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