Future NBA commissioner to add HGH testing to drug testing

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Adam Silver says the NBA will be implementing HGH to its drug testing program

Future NBA commissioner Adam Silver gave us a glimpse of what the future is going to be like for the NBA. Silver, who is set to become the NBA’s new commissioner in February of next year, is being proactive with the NBA’s drug testing policy. With seemingly a new doping scandal story coming out of the sports world every day, Silver stated that the NBA will be implementing HGH as part of their drug testing for all NBA players.

Via NY Post:

“One of the changes that we know we’ll be making to our current drug testing is the addition of HGH testing, which requires taking blood from the players,” NBA deputy commissioner Adam Silver told The Post last week. “We want to make sure, on behalf of our players, as well, that’s it’s done in the proper way, and that we understand what are the appropriate baselines for a natural substance, like HGH, so we can detect where there are aberrations. That is something we’re very focused on.”

This appears not to be in response to the recent Major League Baseball Biogenesis scandal which saw 13 Major League players get suspended. Silver noted that the NBA has not been contacted with any players involvement with the clinic, contrary to a recent report.

“We’ve been actively working to understand the situation and to the extent possible to learn what is being uncovered by MLB’s investigation,” Silver said. “We are not aware of any involvement by NBA players.”

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