Gary Payton warned Dwyane Wade about excessive contact/falling to the floor

  • Andy Flint


Dwyane Wade has suffered all kinds of injures over the course of his NBA career. A lot of it is due to his energetic, and often reckless style of play. NBA Hall Of Famer, and former teammate, Gary Payton, told Wade, early in his career, that falling to the floor would haunt him later on.

It seems like Wade’s style of play, falling to the floor included, has taken years off his career. But to be honest, would Wade have been the impact player that we all grew to love, had he not played the game the way he has? Without a reliable jumper, like Kobe Bryant, Wade was forced to be more of a “play through the contact” type player.

Many have speculated over the years about the contact Wade has taken. People often forget that Wade is essentially a point guard (size wise), and taking a beating, night in and night out, has waged war on his smaller frame.


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