Gerald Wallace: “I’m afraid of New York”

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As everyone knows by now, the Nets have moved to Brooklyn, and will look to be the team of New York. With the resigning of superstar Deron Williams, the acquisition of Joe Johnson, the new Barclays Center, hip-hop mogul Jay-Z, and mysterious owner Mikhali Prokhorov, there is a ton of hype surrounding this team.

The move to Brooklyn seems to be unanimously a good one; New Jersey wasn’t considered a great location by many, and they can take some of the spotlight from the underachieving Knicks.

Well, for one, Gerald Wallace isn’t completely thrilled about moving into New York.

According to the New York Daily News, New York City isn’t exactly the best place for the veteran forward:

“I’m afraid of New York City,” the 6-foot-7 forward said.

Remember, Gerald Wallace is the guy who the Nets will call on to defend the likes of LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, and Paul Pierce in the Eastern Conference. He’s not scared of the elite players in the league, but he is afraid of the Big Apple.

All joking aside, you have to understand where he’s coming from. Gerald Wallace is one of the simpler NBA players, and is not one of the guys who cries to go to a bigger market so he can get more attention; Carmelo Anthony, I’m looking at you.

“Crash” goes on to say that he’ll also be needing a driver in the city, which is certainly understandable.

Whether he’s afraid of New York City or not, it’ll be interesting to see how the Nets come together this season in Brooklyn.

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One Response to Gerald Wallace: “I’m afraid of New York”

  • I am a die hard Lakers fan but I have always respected Gerald Wallace and I admire his game. I wish we had him on our team. I know what he is talking about, I was a little afraid of the Big Apple myself at one time, but after going there and kicking it with a few of the locals I found that as long as you give them respect, they will respect you.
    Wallace needs to go down to Rucker Park and play ball with some of those high flying “Slamma Jammars” when they see his game he will get mad respect and watch the Brooklyn Nets fill the stadium. One thing I can say from going there, they got some of the flyest hotties in the world, and that’s my word.
    Gerald shouldn’t have any problem in New York as long as he keeps it real, he will earn respect if he just lets his game do the talking. Who knows, if we meet in the finals, win or lose, Wallace will get mad respect. With the team they are assembling it is only a matter of time. The people of New York are the best in the world so fit in where you get in and Win, Win, Win. Welcome to the Big Apple baby boy.

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